25 comments on “Dog the Bounty Hunter: MMA fighter’s days of bullying are almost over”

  1. ImmortalZombie6669 says:

    That asshole pretty much attempted murder. And i love all the hate that
    these “high class” people are giving to christy and that guy. Oh yea hate
    on the ex pornstar and ex mma fighter. If it were you what the fuck would
    you do hu? So quick to judge.

  2. Tight-Defence Cus D'amato says:

    I hope you catch that scum bag,,, put him away DOG !!!!

  3. Sean M says:

    People are saying News Reporters are making MMA out to be a bad thing. No
    you jerks, it’s guys like War Machine that give MMA a bad name. Ban him for
    life. Dog the Bounter Hunter is good enough for him. Blast him on local
    news and end his career. Enuff Said.

  4. Monsita R says:

    If you’re gonna date a guy called “war machine”…your gonna have a bad

  5. AJDEFIXION says:

    even when he got into the TUF house 7 years ago, you could know something
    was wrong with him. I kinda feel sad for him that he has always been like

  6. Peter Griffin says:

    No matter how tough you are, you can’t beat a gun. That MMA fighter needs
    to be shot by a firesquad. 

  7. Christian Rosales says:

    i feel like this is all going to end up bad either the dude kills himself
    or someones gonna die before he goes to jail 

  8. BxL0W says:

    wtf has the world come to? people raging out about a fucking cock muncher.
    y’all fucking hypocrites. I wonder what reaction people would have if they
    read the news of just an ordinary hooker that got beated up. you fucking

  9. sagatbalrog says:

    why does this bitch keep having to say M M A like its a bad thing.mma
    teaches you self defence. Anybody hitting another person is wrong ,
    nothing to do with mma

  10. 97Camaro says:

    who cares some dumb hoe gets beaten up by some douche ive seen worse done
    to better people and you never see them getting this much attention…

  11. James Patterson says:

    She’s white trash and he’s white trash, is any of this surprising? They’re
    both ANIMALS. The girls got tattoos on her head.

  12. MrBandsix says:

    They both deserve each other–what lowlife would date either one of them??

  13. JD Lei says:

    I’m sorry porn star or not she’s too dam pretty too get beat like that,
    anyone shouldn’t get beat like that. Now just her model and porn star
    career may have ended. 

  14. JD251985 says:

    I agree both christy and war are fucked up human beings. Neither person is
    a saint but they are in the public eye and that’s why this gets so much
    attention. Realistically this happens all the time

  15. KTV says:

    01:07 “HITS A WOMAN!” Hahaha, I really laugh my ass off when she said this.
    What the FUCK are you thinking? Are you something better because you carry
    a vigana around?

    Nobody asks here: Why has he done it? Or: Is he the suspect? What if she
    hates him or she had an accident and now she use the injuries to get rid of

    What if she attacked him first? What if she draw a knife?

    I tell you why: Because “there is no excuse for this” – Feminist

    Nobody of you guys here was there – me included. So we all have NO FUCKING
    idea what happened.

    Wait until they got him. We will get the full picture soon.
    If he was it and he was the one who startet it: he will go to jail.
    End of story.

  16. Dana White says:

    he gone and messed with the dawg

  17. Foo Rankoo says:

    Hitting your gf is bad but it is ok for her to do porn, tho

  18. steve mills says:

    Hey, Dog. Won’t you sic your mma “fighter” son on Mr. Machine? An ass
    woopin’ can be non-lethal, too. Oh, never mind, I’ve seen Leland fight.
    Looks like a guy in a Toughman Contest. Gimme a yel, if he wants a real
    catch wrestling, bjj, Thai boxing instructor. And, yes. I AM very much so
    qualified, sir.

  19. kenny saintil says:

    Hogetwins brout me here

  20. fatalitynotincluded says:

    Beth bear mace that guy! and that guy!

  21. Jan Meyer says:

    Real justice for This ‘alpha male’ would be to lock him up in the cage with
    Cain Velasquez without a referee and no time limit.

  22. Patricia Benitez says:

    Don’t. Think of her as a pornstar treat her like. A human being like
    everyone’s else and he may be a personal fighter but he still nothing. I
    bet other fighter would wanna. Beat him up he deserve to pay the price 

  23. BuBu Bear says:

    This lady reporter is f’n annoying! Don’t cheat ladies..

  24. begood20000 says:

    Why do presenters always talk in that fake voice?

  25. Jad Ayroud says:

    Guys I don’t care who’s she but hitting a woman so hard that he breaks 18
    bones in her face that’s just make me wish that Saddam Hussein was alive he
    would’ve bathe his ass in chemicals and I would have seen some mighty
    interesting methods of torturing and I would’ve enjoyed 

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