25 comments on “Dominance of Jon Jones, Cormier’s Thoughts, Bellator MMA 120 PPV on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. kopxpert says:

    Impossible to disagree that Bones is “the best MMA fighter in the planet”
    but Barao and Aldo too finishes “some the best guys in the planet” (in
    their respective divisions). The difference here is Jones’ opponents have
    much bigger “names” which does not necessarily mean better skills

  2. Flavor Bud Living says:

    I miss how he used to say the “F’n News”. Now it’s just “FNNE”

  3. walterreally says:

    Is Du Hu Choi really that good?


    I’d have to pick Jones is the rematch with Gus.
    Jones’ game just has more potential for adjustment, and he’ll come out with
    a significantly different strategy for the rematch.
    I don’t believe Gus can change his boxing-centric approach as much.

  5. Johnny Mårtensson says:

    Anyone who knows how to turn of these anoying ads?? 

  6. Miguel Juarez says:

    Thank u for up to date info in the wold of Mma. 

  7. Kevin Hall says:

    the wombs division is a sham. There has never been a women’s fight worth
    watching. This is like the NBA forcing their fans to watch WNBA games
    during halftime. 

  8. maltatravel says:

    Velasquez is the best plain and simple cause he would dominate any one…

  9. Sage Sagely says:

    Cain Velasquez is an amazing heavy weight, excellent cardio, and has a
    heart of a champion. It is difficult to say who is better between Jones and
    Velasquez because, Velasquez does not have regular fights and the heavy
    weight division is limited when offering consistent challenges. Jones, on
    the other hand, is constantly swimming with sharks in the light heavyweight
    division. Jones does not have the natural structure to support 240lbs plus
    to compete in the heavy weight division. Jones is perfect where he is, and
    so is Velasquez.

  10. doaralmeu says:

    did Dana just said he was blown by the first batch of females?

  11. STFUppercut69 says:

    Alexander Gustafsson: 1, 3, 4!

  12. corridos70 says:

    120 gay mma ppvs.. Idiots

  13. pete ss says:

    I would like to see jones fight more fighter his size usually: Jones 6”5
    vs 6’1 fighters..not saying his bad but Anderson Silva 6’2 didnt fight
    against 5’11 fighter,,Mighty Mouse 5’3 doesnt fight against 5 foot
    fighters..When JON fights 6’4 fighters or bigger then i would give him more
    credit..And IF U Belive size doesnt matter look at Cruz vs Mighty mouse
    tell me if size doesnt matter..C wat happen when mighty mouse went to a
    division that fits him…Not saying Jones is garbage his good but i dont
    see him doin great against fighters his own size and YES his reach would be

  14. Kenny Mokhonoana says:

    Wow! I can’t take dana seriously with that cap hahaXD

  15. Nuchraptor says:

    I think Jones is the best eye poker in all sports.

  16. HBKCommish says:

    Jon Jones’ head movement and his footwork I thought looked leaps and bounds
    better since the Gustafsson fight. It’s something he can improve on even
    more going into the next fight with Gustafsson. Everything else is pretty
    hard to criticize. His ability to slip punches and cut off Glover, in their
    fight was amazing though. But I can see it getting even better.

  17. SyringeSem says:

    I think Cain is a better fighter than Jones. If they fought it would be the
    biggest fight in UFC history.

  18. DzzO says:

    Jones weakness is his boxing. But in order to be able to explore it, the
    opponent has to be as big as him…

  19. karim gassama says:

    cain vil fuck him up robyn

  20. Jay Sin says:

    Ya he is the best now. And keeps getting better

  21. Jay Sin says:

    fuck all the TUFs

  22. larsoveful says:

    jones isnt as good as he was,before he finished people in every fight and
    now thats stopped so something is going on with him.

  23. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    Seriously tired of hearing about DC and getting a LHW title shot. Who has
    he fought at 205? Its ridiculous and he should fight someone top 5, hell
    top 10 before he talks about Jones. 

  24. Don Rusk says:

    Bellator can lick my nut 

  25. bouncingsoul818 says:

    Oh, ya, look out for DC at 205, a few new faces in the UFC 205lb class, and
    I think DC will cement a legacy. Seriously, I’m calling it. 

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