25 comments on “Donkey of the day: Jesse Holley (Female MMA Fight)”

  1. Nino Brown says:

    honestly unless he could connect and knock her out within seconds she’d
    prolly fuck him up and break whichever arm she wanted lol. this nigga big
    prolly slow as hell and don’t know how to throw a punch like a fighter and
    ronda trains head movement for girls way faster than him…so yeah ronda
    would molly whop this big nigga

  2. Jumal Sander says:

    it seems like charlamange goes dumber each day 

  3. Escobar600GOAT_NODEBATING. says:

    “Khloe Kardashian…” I AM *DONE* OUT HERE!!!! *DONE* LMAO.

  4. Mark says:

    As great as Ronda is, I’m sure he could easily flex his arm out of a fully
    extended armbar by her. I’m a big MMA fan but let’s be real here. There’s a
    reason Ronda only fights 135 pound women……. Floyd could get fucked up

  5. Alta626 says:

    That’s what all football guys think until they get in the ring. I’ve
    watched a segment on ESPN talking about this in which these guys try to do
    MMA. These guys won’t last more than a few seconds against real MMA or UFC
    guys being physically imposing and strong means absolutely nothing to
    someone that competes in combat sports. She might struggle against him
    because of the strength difference. But any male MMA or UFC competitor
    would make holly tap in a few seconds or a knockout in a minute or less.
    Just like these guys train all their lives for football, those guys and
    girls train all their lives to give and take blows. This guy needs to do
    his homework on NFL guys that tried to jump into UFC and MMA and watch the
    fights where guys were knocked out submissioned out or just beat up after
    2-3 minutes of the first round. 

  6. john wilson says:

    Yeah if you can talk about beating her ass she shouldn’t be allowed to talk
    about beating his ass I will never agree with that that’s feminism

  7. Brandon Saunders says:

    Rousey would body this dude.

  8. Larry Williams says:

    He didn’t challenge her, he was basically saying she can’t beat me, and it
    seemed like as if he was responding to a question

  9. Marcel Robinson says:

    Both him and Charlamagne deserve a damn donkey. One Ronda Rousey is a
    fucking beast and would wreck his fucking day with one leg lock and
    Charlamagne deserve one for even doubting Rousey who is a 4th dan black
    belt in Judo, has been fighting for the past 5 years and is 11-0. We need
    to get off these stupid women can’t beat men dynamics and recognize skills.

  10. jodeci parker says:

    According to Dana White Rhonda has already fucked up mean that were big and
    two of them before she was in ufc so he was justified in saying he would
    need to train. He retarded for calling out a woman tho.

  11. Ben Gene says:

    Equality is equality. He should be able to challenge her!

  12. Avid Cunnilingist says:

    I just want to sleep with her. She is fucking beautiful.

  13. nick houston says:

    Cold part about this is she still can kick his ass. She’s highly skilled.
    Unless he knocks her out fast, he’ll be in big trouble

  14. jeff smith says:

    If this would happen ( which it wouldn’t ) I don’t think he would be that
    dumb to try and wrestle he’s going for the knock out shot .

  15. Murray Herts says:

    I don’t really understand what point Jesse Holley is trying to make? if
    it’s that size beats technique then he needs to go watch the early UFC and
    Royce Gracie 

  16. DeRodd DeBose says:

    Lol they should schedule this fight and then have Cain come out instead. I
    honestly think people are counting out Ronda too. Yeah he’s got the size
    advantage but 5’10 mark hunt KO’d a guy who was 6’7. And Bob sapp is known
    to get chopped down by small guys. 

  17. 50Stiches Steel says:

    Charlemagne knows nothing about MMA…Rhonda would take that challenge no
    question and I would put my house on her whipping his ass without a doubt!!
    Shed probably break his dumbass arm…end of story

  18. 20-20 says:

    No man should ever think a woman can beat his ass. I don’t care if she is
    in UFC. That UFC women’s division is a joke anyway.

  19. Shantelle Lewis says:

    Yea this nigga gotta be pussy

  20. kingjames1101 says:

    So many people still believe size wins fights, 5’3 125 pound demetrius
    Johnson UFC champ would body bag any untrained man 

  21. Messagefrom Montie says:

    I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, I want to say that men
    should generally assume they’d win in a fight just so they’d stay the hell
    away from fighting women. On the other hand, I distinctly recall winning a
    fight with a dude in high school who was utterly shocked that I kept up
    with him. (The fight was broken up. I am not proud of it nor would I would
    put my hands on a guy now unless out of desperation.) But it’s just a bad
    idea to assume that a qualified MMA fighter wouldn’t stand a chance against
    a guy. I wouldn’t want to watch it. But if he feels the need to train
    against a woman who is several inches shorter and 50+ pounds lighter, she
    must be a good fighter!

  22. TalentedFox97 says:

    He must have been joking. If not then apparently he has a lot more issue
    then we thought.

  23. Erik Trevino says:

    Rhonda would choke that pussy ass dude out.

  24. royuncg2 says:

    My money is on Rhonda… she would snap his arm. 

  25. Mike Jones says:

    Clearly Char knows nothing about UFC. Ronda would win pretty easily. Not
    about size, it’s technique. 

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