7 comments on “Ed Soares speaks on Anderson Silva returning to MMA”

  1. dblocknyc says:

    I can see that if Anderson didnt get ko’d and dropped 3 times over 4 rounds
    and 2 fights! lmao

  2. Son GokurotIta says:

    Get over it, Silva got his shit pushed in. Twice!!

  3. stonapersona says:

    ed’s just upset his biggest cash cow is now an old sow out to pasture.

  4. smurfi smurf says:

    I can`t stand this fake fuck, ed soares

  5. jtawil says:

    You wouldn’t say he “beat” Anderson?
    Perhaps you missed the first fight, Ed.

  6. kelb89 says:

    Suck it up, Weidman beat Silva twice. He’s better, bottom line.

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