Ed Soares speaks on Anderson Silva returning to MMA

Ed Soares, manager of Anderson Silva speaks with The Hollywood MMA Show and gives his thoughts on Silva returning to MMA after his injury at UFC 168. More fr…

7 comments on “Ed Soares speaks on Anderson Silva returning to MMA”

  1. dblocknyc says:

    I can see that if Anderson didnt get ko’d and dropped 3 times over 4 rounds
    and 2 fights! lmao

  2. Son GokurotIta says:

    Get over it, Silva got his shit pushed in. Twice!!

  3. stonapersona says:

    ed’s just upset his biggest cash cow is now an old sow out to pasture.

  4. smurfi smurf says:

    I can`t stand this fake fuck, ed soares

  5. jtawil says:

    You wouldn’t say he “beat” Anderson?
    Perhaps you missed the first fight, Ed.

  6. kelb89 says:

    Suck it up, Weidman beat Silva twice. He’s better, bottom line.

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