18 comments on “Edgar Targets Swanson, Aldo-Mendes 2 in Brazil & More on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. MykTheOccultist says:

    Edgar did not defeat Penn. Penn defeated himself. He will be back and will
    be the champ again.

  2. samjs721 says:

    Dumb fight between cub and Edgar. Easy win for cub. Edgar still gets
    rematches. He’s rematched everyone. 

  3. Mkisho says:

    Arlovski is being fed to the wolves.

  4. supasik1 says:

    cheal sonnen got cought for hgh when its out of your system my morning???
    wtf cheal is dumb as fuckkk..

  5. shalaking says:

    Finally a decent shirt for Robin Black 

  6. death2nubbynubs says:

    Edgar hasn’t earned a title shot, he also does not deserve his ranking. He
    hasn’t defeated a top 10 fighter in his division ever. How is he number 2?
    Swanson is on a 6 fight streak in his division an has defeated top talent.
    Put cub against mendes for an interim title! Who cares what florian says,
    he’s a color commentator not a ufc executive or match maker. Edgar needs to
    defeat someone in the top 10 to get a number one contender match. Get real!

  7. Mma Bulletin says:

    Oh I thought this was TFN… not the Smurfs.. jk guys. :P

  8. wisestcrazyboy says:

    I was calling for this fight since his last fight with Tavares. Romero is
    going to destroy this fucktarded Kennedy. 

  9. dlp2600 says:

    John Ramdeen please don’t use Roy Nelson as an example come on now that guy
    is about as dumb as brick. Tim Kennedy and Luke Rockholt are two guys
    that are just talking crazy and how would he know what % is doing this or
    that unless he is personally going around asking fighter hey man are you on
    something!? As if they would admit to it or not to him. I just believe
    when another starts calling others out and making accusations with no hard
    proof then it doesn’t do anything but put your own name out there to be
    talked about and so it seems to me that Kennedy wants attention. Let the
    commission and UFC do their jobs and leave drug testing to them you as
    fighter focus on being a fighter. 

  10. Donald Rusk says:

    If wishes were horses I’d be eating wish meat every night 

  11. lifghasewda says:

    For your information, English football fans are safest fans in all of the
    sport! I think you’ve got a huge misconception and meant Italian football
    fans who bomb cars. 


    Speakin of 2 guys that got busted @ 1:30.

  13. Pollero20 says:

    i would love to see overeem vs dos santos!!!

  14. Mike Tike says:

    I wasn’t going to fall for the usual BJ hype train, I fell for it against
    Rory much to my shame but I wasn’t gonna bite this time. He looked so old
    and SO slow, he looked absolutely awful. I’m surprised Frankie didn’t
    finish him much sooner.

  15. IRIST0N says:

    Eiffel 65 LOL!!!

  16. marcuelcajon says:

    Wow you bring back Arlovski so that he could get killed!
    Edgar vs Cub is necessary.
    Yoel vs Kennedy, I called this fight a long time ago…fuck yeah!

  17. ...Spooky says:

    **John “Magician” Dodson is injured and has had ACL surgery. He wont be
    back until 2015.**

  18. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Edgar Targets Swanson, Aldo-Mendes 2 in Brazil & More
    on MMA Newsmakers: Edgar Targets Swanson, Aldo-Mendes 2 in Brazil & More on
    MMA Newsmakers http://fightnetwork.com/ – Fight Network’s John Pollock,
    John Ramdeen & Robin… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA @fightnet

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