10 comments on “Epic MMA Knockouts Compilation 2014”

  1. Reynaldo Pitre says:

    A lot of these knock outs are DIRTY. (dirty means crzy)
    Lmfao,most of you guys are more worried about these songs played,instead of
    the entertainment of the video. Lmao.
    This shit is brutal

  2. sergio jalda says:

    the first song name “la primera cancion es ” ak9 – GØD [Hybrid Trap]

  3. John Garvey says:

    great highlight songs are awful

  4. jale christ says:

    these songs for KO’s are shitty imo lol.

  5. sebastian dickinson says:

    2014 ? cual conchetumare cual 2014 hijo de perra puros videos viejos

  6. andre watson says:

    song names? and nice ass video

  7. lucas beatty says:

    what is the name of the song i love it

  8. 1994Bloodline says:


  9. Sir LynX says:

    Songname? :)

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