25 comments on “Escaping the Mount Position – MMA Surge, Episode 35”

  1. steve mackie says:

    shrimp’n ain’t easy

  2. Jay Bee says:

    Ooh,so sexual!

  3. MURRxOEx951 says:

    Kinda looks like P-Rod

  4. Bowen Xu says:

    you can get great result if you are an girl…

  5. breedingpitmetal says:

    did you ever try to thraotpunch someone while they were ACTUALLY trying to
    drop bombs into your face form their mount? odds not so good, honestly.

  6. Sackstomp McScrotumpuncher says:

    Oh yeah. Of course, MCMAP trains a soldier to violently HURT a combatant,
    not kill him, so I can use what Andrew teaches here to help me out in
    MCMAP. Not so much in Modern Army Combatives, though…

  7. Patrick Perlas says:

    Will try this during sex thanks tonight thanks Andrew, but seriously good

  8. John Heyim says:

    you should make a getting started in mma/training video 😀

  9. Andrew Montanez says:

    Thanks Jenna for the feedback… :)!

  10. John Heyim says:

    sweet thank you!

  11. StrasnusDude says:

    can you demonsrate on how to do an anaconda choke also the move that maia
    did to story, the neck crank. can you do that also. big fan of the show. i
    learn a lot feom you

  12. PrimeSnake0808 says:

    These videos have helped me out quite a bit. I’m a Kravist, and I like how
    I can incorporate these moves into my retzev routine. I love Krav Maga,
    because it’s so versatile, and you can incorporate many forms of martial
    arts into it. I guess that’s why they call it Mixed Martial Arts haha.

  13. robert Blackledge says:

    and then your in jail or you at least gotta pay bail however in a cage
    fight there are no knives. and you actually got to use skill.

  14. Andrew Montanez says:

    Will do 🙂 we do have some conditioning episodes coming out, as well as
    some sparring tips. Thanks!!!!

  15. Andrew Montanez says:

    hahaha good for you!!!!!

  16. EpiCSupeR says:

    This is very helpful and i wish i could train with you

  17. Supsup516 says:

    this looks gay as hell but informative

  18. Sackstomp McScrotumpuncher says:

    It doesn’t matter. I can take a lot of hits, and if he’s busy wailing on
    me, he’s not gonna notice the knife slipping between his ribs.

  19. thysaeed says:

    street and competition are definitely two different worlds

  20. Tim Childree says:

    Cool. I’ve been doing GSP’s Rushfit workout, and the shrimp is actually one
    of the workouts (although they just call it the much more mundane “Hip
    Escape”) – talk about lighting your abs on fire!

  21. Darien Harp says:

    Fatum Fight Team.

  22. Sackstomp McScrotumpuncher says:

    We learn something about the Mount and escaping in MCMAP, or the Marine
    Corps Martial Arts Program. Also, in Modern Army Combatives, but here’s the
    thing- It’s a little different in both Entering and Escaping. 1. Get him on
    the ground. 2. Get on top of him. 3. STAB HIM. And escaping: 1. Punch him
    in the adams apple. 2. Remove knife from belt sheath. 3. STAB HIM. — Other
    than that, This is great for my MCMAP training as well as MMA. Thanks
    again, Andrew! Keep it up!

  23. Andrew Montanez says:

    Anaconda choke coming soon!!! Just filmed. I think all these moves work at
    the right time whether it be in an MMA fight, sparring or against an

  24. Trinivibes4u says:

    nice info thx

  25. Shubham Mishra says:

    Hey, Andrew! Could you please do some more videos for reversals and sweeps
    to get out of guard?

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