6 comments on “Evolve MMA | Student of the Month: 2/2014”

  1. Evolve MMA says:

    Check out the amazing, inspiring, against-all-odds story of this Student of
    the Month at Evolve MMA, Asia’s top martial arts organization!

  2. Nick Lawrence says:

    Marital arts are the most beautiful, powerful part of humanity!

  3. Nicholas la says:


  4. Johnathan Toh says:

    power lah hsien hwee…boystown huat ahh..!!!

  5. Tan Chee Hao says:

    Haha Hsien Hwee xD For who came from boy’s town too should know what our
    version of FBT means xD Toodles ~ 

  6. Edwin Thompson says:

    Amazing story. Kudos to Evolve for helping orphans.

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