EXCLUSIVE: Dana White EPIC UFC Tonight Rant

Thought you saw Dana White’s interview with Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian on UFC Tonight? Think again! This web exclusive, extended interview with the UFC President has the boss ranting on all things UFC, Justin Timberlake, and more. It’s Dana at his best.

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  1. built fordtough says:

    WE wouldnt had shit if the Gracie’s didnt come up with it and it was SEG back then not Zuffa from 1993 to 2000 After the long battle to secure sanctioning, SEG stood on the brink of bankruptcy when Station Casinos executives Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and their business partner Dana White approached them in 2000, with an offer to purchase the UFC. A month later, in January 2001, the Fertittas bought the UFC for $2 million and created Zuffa, LLC as the parent entity controlling the UFC.

  2. darklightmoon1ify says:

    I think the ufc made a bad decision in making Matt Hughes the VP I think that position shoulda being kept for Chael Sonnen. Chael is very vocal about things so it would make it very interesting

  3. CombatScienceMMA says:

    Spike/Viacom made a great investment with doing business with the UFC. But they certainly did not build the UFC. Lorenzo,Frank and Dana built the UFC by being aggressive businessmen with the need to make the business succeed. Putting money into it out of their own pockets, coming up with new marketing strategies. If the UFC wasn’t run properly it would have failed on Spike/Viacom but let’s be honest, any station that took that program would have made a good investment.

  4. AnAverageSkeptic says:

    I’m not saying there arent amazing fighters in the lower weights, but I’d rather see them split the heavyweight division in half instead of a 115 division. Couture was a really small heavyweight and while it was cool seeing him beat guys way bigger I’d of loved to see him dominate the smaller HW division than compete against guys 50lbs heavier than him. I compete at lightweight for BJJ, so 165 with no gi and I’ve rolled with guys 50lbs+ heavier and it ruins it. Not against low weight at all.

  5. Rocel R says:

    kenny florian at it again, he makes himself look dumb every time he speaks

  6. Cole Stallings says:

    How awesome is Chael Sonnen. dude is hilarious and intelligent :)

  7. MazDmanipulater says:

    what would happen, if Chael became the CEO of UFC loll

  8. Jack Brandt says:

    I don’t think you get the point, UFC paid Spike TV. You can’t claim you built something you didn’t work on or even paid for, that’s just tarded

  9. StatsReset says:

    i dont know how many times ive subbed and unsubbed this dumbass channel..

  10. stonebridge999 says:

    I love Kenny. Always laughing his ass off at Chael…

  11. Jim Naylor says:

    it’s going to be a sad day in the world when dana leaves the ufc. it’s very refreshing to watch a company president who shoots from the hip. most ceo’s would never speak this candidly.

  12. swhite6 says:

    What does Dana think of the Las Vegas Culinary Union?

    “Dirty, stinkin gangsters, scummiest, slimy, grimy, bullies, sleezy”

  13. intensivemedia says:

    Justin timberlake is Dana approved

  14. Gregorio Reyes says:

    fucking gangsters

  15. swhite6 says:

    Poor Chael had to say something after that first crazy rant haha.

  16. nwachamp says:

    LOl gotta love Dana.

  17. normalpsychology says:

    115 pound weight class… uh… no.

  18. normalpsychology says:

    Who the fuck are you? Get lost. No one likes your shit comment.

  19. 3769Droy says:

    That was EPICC!!

  20. frosty7001 says:

    “There’s a pompous, arrogant clown that runs Viacom” hmm if I only knew about dana and the ufc and had no idea what Viacom was I would think dana ran it because “pompous, arrogant clown” fits his description. When ufc was looking for a network no one not even fox wanted them. If it was not for spike ufc probably would not be where they are today. So yes in a way Viacom and spike built the ufc. “bellator pay eddie what he is worth” yea coming from a guy who low balled the shit out of him.

  21. zzynda says:

    Is it just me, or does Dana seem to not like the LV culinary union?

  22. SonnensAttack says:


  23. SonnensAttack says:

    youre a fucking retard. Dana knows what hes talking about.

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