4 comments on “Extreme MMA Core Exercises with the Sledgehammer and Tire”

  1. yehudz says:

    ahhh i get it now, this is why Rocky was chopping wood in Rocky 4.

  2. mmwosu says:

    True, you can easily spot people that have never done manual labor with a hammer or ax when they try to start doing workouts like this. Of course, people who HAVE labored with such tools seem to have more of an instinctual understanding of how to properly use the hammer in this context, since their past experience has taught them how to use momentum and swing the hammer in a way that doesn’t tire them out after <30 strokes.

  3. 33iknow says:

    I like that! I noticed at my gym that a lot of people don’t know how to swing a sledge hammer. There’s the easy way then there is the hard way… Those who use your technique at the gym don’t get as tired as opposed to the others that usually don’t last a minute before they are totally gassed. Always great info Nadie! Keep up the great work…

  4. DaMasterMalte says:

    Would be great to have a Workshop in Europe, especially Germany! So interested particularly in posture correction and of course WORKOUTS!
    Thanks for doing a great job and sharing it with us!
    Take care

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