25 comments on “#FeedbackFriday – PKA Drama, MMA Thoughts, Motivational Advice”

  1. TheEtech619 says:

    Anyone else notice that Woody kept fucking up on the parkour? lol

  2. realjaypea says:

    My eyes got lost in the parkour and and after like 10 minutes, I realized
    that no matter how small the screen is… If woody is talking, I’ll watch
    the gameplay. 

  3. eagermeeger says:

    TBH I would rather watch Minecraft game modes than crappy CoD gameplay. :/

  4. Jesse Lopez says:

    its like if one of your friends in your friend group was being a dick so
    you didn’t invite him with you guys to go bowling or to a party for a bit.
    Same thing here with Wings, it happens. If you can’t understand that and
    keep taking shots at woody, then you’re probably that guy in your group of
    friends so stop being a dick

  5. Juan Olivas says:

    He just does this to promote his fucking events

  6. SinJerome says:

    Even though I’ve seen things that make me want to hate you, I still love
    you and always will. Don’t know why I’m saying this, just feel like telling
    my favorite YouTubers how awesome they are every now and then.

  7. Curious_Cactus says:

    when is mailmonday comming back

  8. FeasableOption says:

    Wood Man!! Good to see ya buddy. Hope all is well.

  9. RimZimZimmer says:

    Kick wings off woody, if he doesnt believe in what hes doing then, fuck
    him!! Right?

  10. Mockingbirch says:

    You’re alive!

  11. Connor Hopfer says:

    Woody come back, ooohhh, you can blame it all on meee!

  12. Charles Sweeney says:

    The bitch is back

  13. Sageboy13 says:

    Come back woody, come back and I will sub again

  14. Jantarosi says:

    Fuck wings. Woody, you’re so much better than him. 

  15. TheBigAndy86 says:

    Those Brazilian Jujitsu tips at the end of this video are some of the
    wisest words of perseverance and life tips I have ever heard.

  16. Austin Goss says:

    I have to say, Wings’ video quality was better

  17. WINZ0W says:

    If Wings got on his stream that day and said he was bummed that he didn’t
    go on the trip and that he didn’t like letting down Kyle and Woody I bet
    you a million bucks he wouldn’t be currently exiled. Instead he went on
    stream in public and insulted the podcast he works on and the people he is
    on it with AFTER ditching them on a agreed upon and planned out trip.

  18. alex vdb says:

    i really liked this vid :-). I guess we could ve seen it coming that your
    focus would diverse from cod videos. Would be pretty weird to see you
    making cod videos in your fifties

  19. The Ship says:

    Please start posting more!!!

  20. MMOchAForPrez says:

    Woody, you fell off. That’s exactly how I feel. As soon as I saw you
    allowing Minecraft to slowly take over your channel, I was uninterested.
    You slowly strayed away from your regular schedule, and you lost me. You
    have 1M subs, so I can’t be the only one that feels this way. So many
    others have surpassed your success in YouTube, but you seemed to have hit
    your cap with the path you’ve taken. Bring it all back man.

  21. TheTediousSpy2 says:

    Glad I’m still subbed. Woody gives some of the best advice. 

  22. WhoSaid221 says:

    Tbh 30-50% of the place viewers won’t watch the new pka’s I wings isn’t
    there and I’m one of them

  23. chuck noris says:


  24. GAMERFACE221 says:

    defiantly do more of these, this was a solid vid

  25. TheBallistico says:

    I cant think anyone can hate woody if they saw through seeing eyes; Woody
    is a hardworking man who id say deserves any and everything he gets in
    Sure he isnt perfect, no one is, not even morgan freeman, but he is a
    fantastic man that I wish I had in my personal life, like the father figure
    he is to a lot of us

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