25 comments on “Fight Master: Bellator MMA: Meet the Cast”

  1. BwanaliSingz says:

    repilicia of ultimate fighter

  2. Stiffonda Reefah says:

    Yeah 😀

  3. jiahkong96 says:

    they trying to make this better then tuf
    and nice acting at 3:39 lol

  4. oN3xShOtxkilL says:

    lmao joe riggs haha

  5. Guard Passer says:

    capoeira guy?

  6. Telvin Ilustrisimo says:

    Yah Brett Nakamura FTW

  7. Benjamin Kelly says:

    Omg Joe Riggs?! O_o

  8. Justin Justino says:

    I’m pumped!

  9. gizmofsu says:

    Joe Riggs…..it is a joke.

  10. gizmofsu says:

    Joe Warren……is this a joke?

  11. TheBigUK87 says:

    3:38-3:42 is by far the gayest, fakest shit I’ve ever seen. Lololol especially Joe Warren’s attempt at actin shocked n droppin his jaw. Just for that I’m about to watch Curran beat him to the isle of stupid one more time

  12. Breakdancing Baby Jesus says:

    Well to not know who Joe Warren is, that just screams uneducated fool who knows nothing about MMA.

  13. BOSclanMAN says:

    i am not “new” to MMA, don’t be stupid.

  14. BOSclanMAN says:

    wow you actually believe what i wrote. you sir are an idiot.

  15. Breakdancing Baby Jesus says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, you’re obviously new to MMA if you don’t know who Joe Warren is.

  16. rapinbatches says:

    we wont know how much talent they have until the show. no sense in even trying to predict anything. but yeah joe warren along side those guys. dumb. but then again whos to say, he may be a great coach. his success in the cage doesnt always mean he sucks as a coach. look at greg jackson, i dont even think he was ever a fighter, that i know of.

  17. josh wilson says:

    Fucking liar it took 10 seconds to type his name in and he comes up.

  18. Daniel Cortes says:

    Joe Warren, a Legendary coach? LUL.


    Good luck getting a fighter joe 🙂

  20. KOELBOW27 says:

    Hopefully its better than the ultimate fighter, less drama more about building champions.

  21. LossesCostUs says:

    Joe Warren is miles away from legendary. LOL if these fighters are smart, they won’t pick him as their coach

  22. Lefthook00 says:

    Joe Warren is a good fighter but far from legendary.

  23. Darkony says:

    Very interesting cast.
    I’m pumped for the show.

  24. jtmagicman25 says:

    how do you not know who joe warren is?? do you know who pat curran is?

  25. BOSclanMAN says:

    how so? 

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