15 comments on “Fight News Now – Georges St-Pierre Gives Update; Possible Return to MMA”

  1. xArcher24x says:

    I think he’ll be back soon. 

  2. Cole Mithrush says:

    How the fuck is ‘possible return’ an update

  3. swhite6 says:

    GSP, what a guy. Such an honest and respectful human being. 

  4. Brian Healy says:

    george st pierre is a true champion . humble and respectful .

  5. tiarnan76 says:

    Hes only been out for a few months and already hes given birth. What a
    fucking legend. He’s gonna make a great Mom and maybe now we can all
    appreciate why he needed the time off.

  6. Danny G says:

    He should stay retried.His wet blanket technique is effective but not vary

  7. waalex11 says:

    Part of me as a fan wants him to get back and keep dominating his division
    but realistically hearing his words again and again of not being sure, I
    don’t think he will. Either way I respect his choice.

  8. Tommy Vercetti says:


  9. chagOwwuUUu says:

    A great champion but I don’t think he will be back because of the big
    threats in the division (Johny Hendricks, Robbie Lawler, Hector Lombard and
    future Kelvin Gastelum).

  10. Edge Snob says:

    I never found any of Georges St-Pierre’s fights boring in fact I always
    made sure to tune in when he was fighting.

  11. Anthony Alvarez says:

    Vaseline should be his main Sponsor 

  12. vittuteemu says:

    Respect to georges. I hope he comes back but I think he cant compete with
    top 5 welterweights still it would be fun to watch :D

  13. Ronin Quintero says:

    OMG STFU lol. He got beat up so he retired. Get over it.

  14. philipee32 says:

    Gsp got my gf drunk and held her down for 25 mins but it was ok because
    nothing really happened.

  15. Cage Riot MMA says:

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