16 comments on “Fight News Now – GSP’s Life Away From MMA, Aldo vs. Edgar or McGregor, “Manny” Documentary – Part 1”

  1. rocked30 says:

    I’m getting tired of this GSP maybe I’m coming back maybe not crap. Just
    let us know when you’re back for real and stop all the games. I think he
    should stay retired because his style of fighting will not be dominate
    anymore with this new crop of fighters. You retired a rich champion with
    all your marbles intact, don’t be a BJ Penn.

  2. optimine says:

    Ogle is the man! he seems so genuine!

  3. rockehero12 says:

    It’ll be awesome to see Frankie Edgar in NJ!! Especially against Conor
    mcgregor!!! Make it happen UFC, if Conor wins! April 18, 2015 Prudential

  4. Telvin Kipapa says:

    In my opinion I think GSP is G.O.A.T becuz he was a complete Martial Artist
    & could beat u where ever the fight went. I know his last fight was bad
    but, he was dealing with a lot of things outside the cage that probably got
    to him. If he does comeback I will open my arms to him 

  5. Dannynorw says:

    jeeez.. gsp STILL cant throw those spinning back kicks correctly.. Joe
    taught him to keep his knee UP before extending.. basic tae kwon do.

    But GSP still is the best Welterweight ever, so i cant say much about
    that.. But i dont see how he just doesnt correct that one :p

  6. PussiesUnite says:

    As long as GSP’s alien overlords are okay with his return, then I am too.

  7. Shane Kennedy says:

    nick diaz is the best.fuck gsp.. Stockton mother fucker

  8. marcuelcajon says:

    Sucks for Andy Ogle because he was totally robbed when he fought Corassani.
    That change to Alpha male could completely bring him back. Btw Did anyone
    notice that Chico Camus has switched his style up mimicking Cruz and
    Dillashaw…and it worked.

  9. xGOZT says:

    Travis brown trains in Glendale California, not Glendale Arizona! 

  10. Lopata991 says:

    Martin Kampman audio was shit, just saying

  11. Edge Snob says:

    Where can I find Georges jacket at? Anyone?

  12. Jun Tan says:

    Of course Conor Mcgregor will fight aldo for the tile.
    Frankie Edgar already fought aldo.

  13. Soul Thief says:

    It figure a Canadian can not figure out what he gonna do…HEY! YOU! GSP!
    YES YOU! If your head is not in the game stay away, if your ready come on
    back, you will find that the sport has kept progressing without you. Either
    way get you crap together, and BTW you have a funny accent…lol…

  14. THIS IS A COMMENT says:


  15. Tatiano Granillo says:


  16. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Fight News Now – GSP’s Life Away From MMA, Aldo vs.
    Edgar or McGregor, “Manny” Documentary – Part 1: Fight News Now – GSP’s
    Life Away From MMA, Aldo vs. Edgar or McGregor, “Manny” Documentary – Part
    1 http://fightnetwork.com/ -… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA

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