17 comments on “Fight News Now: MMA Edition – Belfort vs. Rockhold, Faber on Team, Pyle on Xtreme Couture & More”

  1. John Sharma says:

    Great show guys very entertaining

  2. makaveli6698 says:

    why do people even call it trt? lol its fucking steroids

  3. Einstein Albert says:

    Then why take them in the first place? TRT dont win fights but to say it dont help is stupid

  4. Robert Johnstone says:

    too professional, too corporate

  5. nizakat iqbal says:

    you can tell Rhonda has been a stuck up bitch all her life.

  6. nizakat iqbal says:

    so no skill + roids = does not win fights
    skill – roids = fair chance to win fights
    skill + roids = unfair advantage aka beast/monster…

    so STFU

  7. Preston Vaughan says:

    Its not even close Nazi

  8. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    Vitor’s right, it’s not TRT that wins fights, not at all, you have to be skilled to win a fight. But that doesn’t just go for TRT, it goes for roids as well. Frankly I’m sick of people whining about roids. i’d rather roids be legal than listen to all these twats fuckin cunt about it. Roids don’t win fights, strength doesn’t win fights. And even a fully roided up fighter is going to have no more, or possibly less physical advantages than what Jon jones has

  9. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    is that true? Vitor choking out Rumble was the loudest crowd ever? Maybe they stopped using the same mic configuration to record the crowd but the loudest crowd I ever hear in MMA was UFC 52, first when Matt Hughes picked up and body slammed Frank Trigg across the ring, and next when Chuck Liddell knocked out Randy Couture

  10. drodsta13 says:

    The loser of Rockhold /Vitor gets Chael at 185……..

  11. scawfan1 says:

    Something tells me that Camozzi is gonna beat Jacare. I’m usually wrong when I say stuff like that though lol.

  12. james1327 says:

    vitor, like overeem, took steroids and now their bodies dont produce enough testosterone. I think the reason vitor cracks and lacks the spark he use to have is because steroids fucked him up and T compensates for a lot of that.

  13. Uhhtheprodigy says:

    damn that girl on the shift :] aha

  14. Preston Vaughan says:

    If people dont like TRT, then Dont fight that guy, if nobody fights him then its gone. Marijuana is illegal almost everywhere thou, yet Testosterone isnt….

    Rockhold is blowing Smoke up peoples ass, Rumors were that Vitor is more loved in Brazil than Anderson which was why he wasnt allowed on the Card….. The loudest Crowd in mma history was when Vitor was choking the shit out of Johnson….

    The Crowd Roars when he enters the Arena, Rockhold, you are going to get bood out the Arena.

  15. Nathan yuhas says:

    Is that all you guys go on about is the TRT?

  16. renzo morales galecio says:

    TRT is the excuse to be on steroids

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