25 comments on “Fight Night Fairfax: MMA Mindset – Dustin Poirier”

  1. BlackSwoldier o says:

    If Poirier fights like he always does, he will get wobbled atleast once.

  2. BeWaterMyFriend says:

    I like him, but he’ll get destroyed in this division. Imagine Khabib, RDA,
    Pettis, Benson Henderson, Gil. Melendez, etc. against this guy. It’s

  3. Henri Bro says:

    You moved up weight because Conor punched a hole through your soul.
    Funniest thing is Conor will be moving up weight probably by next year and
    he will beat your ass again. Haha you lil bitch. 

  4. hakuna matata says:

    Poirier took a fucking dive………js

  5. robTorturewright . says:

    Changing weight division should only happen for 2 reasons. 1. You cleaned
    out the entire division and are champion or 2. You’re way too big and
    severely struggle to make weight. Moving after a loss is a pussy move and
    he quit like a bitch when his head clattered off the canvas just like Conor
    said it would

  6. djdbag says:

    No you didnt move up because the weight cut was hard, no you didnt move up
    because you are a better fighter att 155 but you moved up because Conor
    took your soul

  7. ladev91 says:

    “A gust of wind and he does the chicken dance”

  8. TerryMMA says:

    people like poirer are expendable,they are hyped to use as stepping stones
    for stars.

  9. dcboot says:

    pea head

  10. will81387 says:

    I really love Dustin. Everyone of his fight are entertaining. His fights vs
    Korean Zombie, Corassani, Brandao, Koch, Holloway, Swanson…all good

  11. mikemugs7 says:

    Got to love the UFC comment section. Amazing how many tough guys are
    watching this video

  12. nicumecu says:

    Henri Bro is a little lying bitch.LOL

  13. Krizzle Sizzle says:

    Connor slapped this fool so hard he gained 10 pounds??? what the fuck?

  14. Jonny Gat says:

    Poirier moved up to 155 because he got destroyed by Mcgregor.

  15. Menelik Watson says:

    He has a tough fight ahead of him.

  16. Th3DoM1naToR says:

    People don’t give Conor enough credit for smashing this dude. Poirier is
    actually really dangerous.

  17. nicumecu says:

    This guy was never a top 5 fighter,That ranking was all hype to hype up The

  18. SickKent says:

    Poirier’s the man.

  19. Ross says:

    A gust of wind and he does the chicken dance

  20. Kaka Krabby Patty says:

    Diamond Poirier v Smooth Benson?

  21. VNESTRADA13 says:

    If he says he feel way better in 155 and fight better in 155 why he went
    down the frist place then?

  22. HeyMan674 says:

    He was ranked #5 at FW and then Conor took his spot lol.

  23. skullcrusher1209 ! says:

    At the end of the video, he said “im just looking to get my hand raised.”
    This means that he only left featherweight because it is too tought for
    him. He wants to fight noobs at lightweight. 

  24. CidonaBrother12345 Gaming says:

    I’m so different from u
    You hurl teasing words at me
    Shove laughter in my face
    Spit out lies about me
    And stab hard stares in my eyes
    All with a sneering smile
    That shows your cruel heart
    I am glad
    I am different from you

  25. lostinbrisbane says:

    Within the next 18 months, Conor will move up to 155. What will you do
    then Dustin- move back down or keep getting heavier to stay away from your
    Irish Nightmare?

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