Fighter Loses Eye In MMA Fight!!

Amateur Combat Sports Live Video on ACSLIVE.TV Presents Saturday Night was the setting for a great night of fight’s and Alan Grays took to the cage against opponent Jose Johnston.

9 comments on “Fighter Loses Eye In MMA Fight!!”

  1. monsterball17 says:

    Look light the winner was two weight classes under him he was skinny but
    still knocked him out.

  2. LP - Mma Nouvelles says:

    Question: I thats a glass eye or the guys really lose is eye?

  3. Fullpowe911 says:


  4. Kuksoman says:

    omg it’s artificial eye u idiots…. wow, u think it would be rolling like
    that with no blood? geez….

  5. You Can Call Me Almighy says:

    Well there goes his career, so unfortunate. Really sucks

  6. Robert Clary says:

    …out, vile jelly! 

  7. japowaful says:


  8. ACSLIVE AmateurMMA says:

    Fighter, Loses Eye, In, MMA, Fight!!

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