6 comments on “Fighting for the Bellator Gold – Bellator MMA Season 10 Preview”

  1. Santana105 says:

    Pumped for the featherweight tournament but not much else to get excited
    about for this season. I mean fuck, Curran-Straus, who wants to see that
    shit again

  2. 14traits says:

    Kinda pointless on having a lightweight tournament when your lightweight
    and featherweight champs are tied up being in rematches, a line of 3
    challengers waiting and several divisions like bantamweight, light
    heavyweight, welterweight, middleweight who will need challengers soon

  3. Ivan Reyes says:

    Bellator vs wsof lol

  4. FightGenome says:

    Fighting for the Bellator Gold – Bellator MMA Season 10 Preview

  5. Ivan Reyes says:

    Rampage vs king mo

  6. Ivan Reyes says:

    Eddie vs chandler III

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