25 comments on “Floyd Mayweather Compares Boxing to MMA”

  1. Immortalsyn83 says:

    If I asked my mom who is the heavyweight boxing champion, she would be clueless & probably still say Tyson.

  2. rye9319 says:

    9/10 a bjj guy fighting a pro boxer standing up exchanges punches will get knocked out!, boxers have better defenses, and like hahanika said Its a proven fact that boxers have the hardest punch! a bjj best defense Is to go to the ground but even a boxer knows submissions and holds so you’re pretty much fucked

  3. GambleDub says:

    a grappler wont also just tackle someone to the ground in a real fight either. sure anybody can takle anybody down to the ground but a boxer on top of a bjj guy on the ground, the bjj guy has a good chance of surviving, a bjj guy on top of a boxer and the boxer is 99% fucked. you could also say anyone can punch someone in the face, but if thats your gameplan against a boxer your screwed. please go to your nearest mma gym and ask a guy to roll i guarantee it will change your thoughts on fighting

  4. hahanikka says:


  5. hahanikka says:


  6. Deonnh says:

    If I asked my mum have you heard of anderson silva? no, have you heard of tyson? yes

  7. notagain010 says:

    Ill take it he’s never heard of Anderson silva or Fedor… LEGENDARY

  8. howue1221 says:

    Try taking down a black belt in bjj, judo or a wrestler…… Your ass would get tossed around like a rag doll. Street fighting is composed of people who act tough and think they know how to fight. MMA is composed of actual fighting Styles.

  9. Immortalsyn83 says:

    For most people it would be pretty close to impossible depending on the target, just like it would be close to impossible for an average person to knock out Mayweather in boxing. Guy’s like GSP, Aldo & Machida are extremely hard to take down & even harder to keep down.

  10. rye9319 says:

    Very true, styles makes a fight givin that Its not impossible to takle an elite grappler

  11. Immortalsyn83 says:

    “If you don’t think MMA is real fighting… then you are not a fighter.” Mike Tyson
    You fight someone where they are weakest unless you’re trying to prove a point. If you think anyone can tackle anyone then I would challenge you to tackle an elite grappler down & control him.
    “The best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt to any style, to be formless, to adopt an individual’s own style and not following the system of styles.” Bruce Lee

  12. rye9319 says:

    A pro boxer vs bjj blue belt, a boxers hands and striking power would be more superior than a bjj blue belt, in a real fight a boxer wouldnt limit himself to only using his fist, anybody can takle anybody down to the ground

  13. rye9319 says:

    Yes people want to see real fighting noone wants to see two guys on the ground for 5min grabbing eachothers legs, alot of guys in the mma wont fight straight up and try to go for the takedown because they lack skill, but you do have good fighters like Jones and Silvia

  14. GambleDub says:

    Part 2. in fact boxing is one of my favorite sports, but saying mma fighters cant fight is ridiculous, most “orthodox” boxing skills will get you wrecked in a mma fight… bob & weave = knee to the face, philly shell = head kick, lead leg turned in boxing stance = leg kicks & takedowns. i would almost bet that your average bjj blue belt would destroy a middle tier pro boxer in “a real fight” 9/10 times. btw not tryna hate on your opinion i just dont like seeing any fighter or m.a disrespected

  15. GambleDub says:

    Part 1. in my opinion the level of competitiveness is alot higher in mma right now, the lightweight division (arguably the most competitive) champ fought 3 times last year, nobody in boxing is doing that (1-2 max). also “peopke in the mma cant fight” ” people want to see real fighting” is one of the most retarded things i have ever read on youtube, real fighting is not just using your fists and being broken up for clinching too long. dont get me wrong i love boxing & its a great sport…

  16. onalyd says:

    yeah they do, you just don’t follow MMA like you do boxing so you don’t hear the names as much. As far as Ali, and the older guys, there is a certain reverence given to guys from the older generation just cause it’s older history. Like Babe Ruth in baseball. Doesn’t mean that he’s better than today’s guys. Same with boxing. But in reality that doesn’t give the sport any more legitimacy, just means it’s older. And the name Gracie carries a similar weight if you want to talk about the roots of MMA

  17. fiendin281 says:

    wouldnt street fighting take more skills than having the ref just break you up whenever you get tied up? i watch both sports and enjoy both. don’t be one of those guys that has to pick sides for whatever pointless reason

  18. fiendin281 says:

    or it could mean they’re always fighting the best because Dana White sets up the matches so the fighters can’t cherry pick like a bunch of pussies *cough mayweather cough*. in the end it doesn’t mean *shit* besides it’s not even true, look how long Jon Jones has reigned.

  19. ryan gee says:

    boxing definitely has more legends at this point, mma has only been big for about 10-12 years, while boxing has been around for over a hundred. we got legends in the making in jj, gsp, aldo, silva and fedor are clearly already legends.

  20. ryan gee says:

    last 3 were cain, jds, cain and it will continue to be one of those two. both have only 1 losses in the ufc and its to each other, but cain will be the champ for a while.

  21. ryan gee says:

    you’re a bigot, ask hopkins what he thinks of mma and the ground after training with them. when someone has a choke hold on you and they will eventually get it, your life is then in their hands literally. you’d be begging and tapping no matter how tough you think you are, your throat will either be crushed or you’l lose unconsciousness.

  22. rye9319 says:

    I said there were low competition In some weight classes not all of them, some of the divisions lack competion

  23. SalgadoJonathan says:

    the welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight are belts that haven’t changed hand in YEARS! sooo you’re wrong. not only that, there is more competition. (they make the fights the ppl want = more competition)

  24. rye9319 says:

    Yea mma’s been around for a while but It hasnt really took off yet Is what I meant, some of the weight classes have low competition, and yea alot of peopke in the mma cant fight thats wby they go for the immediate take down which makes the sport kind of boring, people want to see real fighting

  25. Beatbyawhiteboy says:

    Still developing? How long it’s been in existence? I know more than a decade.

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