22 comments on “Floyd Mayweather vs Chael Sonnen – Boxing vs MMA”

  1. suhail dubai says:

    ther well never get floyed the crd that he rly diserve

  2. Joyce Perez says:

    Manny vs floyd…..biggest fight ever

  3. David Dias says:

    apparently you care

  4. djfunkygrrl says:

    (Part 2) ..:. Boxing is about Politics and favorites, Floyd resides in Vegas and his competitions bring in much revenue to the casinos and city. So any boxer, fighting Floyd is doing so in his adopted hometown. || (*If Floyd ever considered fighting in MMA*), Mayweather would be a very substantial underdog. 95% of the boxing techniques, movement and tactics used to frustrate opponents would be “ineffective” in MMA, due to Muay Thai Boran (spacing, low kicks, knee strikes and elbows)

  5. DaveKraft400 says:

    “You can go ahead. You wanna give a shout out?” I bet that made that guy’s day, it’d make mine!

  6. djfunkygrrl says:

    (Part 1) ..: Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather at welterweight both captured four titles. At jr. middleweight, Mayweather has more “overall jr middleweight titles” than Canelo, with the win. Although this fight was at a 152 catchweight, and not the jr. middleweight limit of 154. Regarding, Chael’s comments, Mayweather (in my opinion) is given rounds by judges for frustrating his opponents, though Floyd’s not really boxing. CompuBox stats are flawed and based on human perception.

  7. tricklessmagic says:

    Yeah sure, that is why they are not earning the millions boxers like Mayweather make. You would think they will be in a boxing ring making the millions.

  8. dangflo says:

    Boxing is not a fighting sport, it is the sport of punching. MMA is the sport of fighting. Though I enjoy watching both.

  9. Remington Kevane says:

    MMA would destroy boxing.

  10. H8B7L says:

    Im wondering if Klitschko sometimes bites his ass for not being american.
    Hes pretty much doing the same things in the Heavyweight division, fighting cans and winning fights easily.
    But hes from ukraine, so nobody in America would order a PPV because of him.

  11. Lord Zedd says:

    Chael Is So Badass


    Who cares what dumbfuck Chael has to say?

  13. riglerjoe says:

    Floyd is undefeated for a reason,boxing is a corrupt – the end

  14. James Collins says:

    There are many champions in boxing but each weight still have one champion that is recognized as the best

  15. ShaneFM . says:

    I concur

  16. Devil Prince says:

    Most legit sport is MUAY THAI.

    Only a few can claim true title of Lumpinee/Raja stadium. Too bad many clowns dont know about it.

  17. Devil Prince says:

    Say whatever you want but MMA will destroy boxers 95% of the time.

  18. ericbnrakim says:

    Yeah with boxing rules, but if put out to plainly win its no competition. His shoulder defense wont work when you get put in a thai clinch and kicked in the gut. Yes boxing is the best upper body striking style but its just that 1 style and mma requires more than one specialty.

  19. ericbnrakim says:

    Great way to point out arguably one of the most disrespected champions in the ufc. Many other guys come from different fighting styles, wrestlers, judo champs, taekwondo. It requires some form of skill. And even lesnar was a wrestler, of course it was fake but he still probably had some knowledge. Name other champs that just walked into mma and dominated. Hell even a guy like bob sapp is considered a punching bag of a man.

  20. MexicansOwnTheZone says:

    floyd wouldn’t win in a mma match either. but you got the wrong idea. i was talking about a real street fight. floyd will lose. in a street fight anything goes.

  21. Ramza Sheperd says:

    Mma, is better. People circle jerk around boxing so they can talk about it at work

  22. dongman2011 says:

    both sux….but boxing is more boring….mayweather is probably the most overpaid athlete in the world by far

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