11 comments on “Focus Mitt Boxing Workout with MMA Fighter Kerry Vera”

  1. functionalpatterns says:

    Here’s a video of me covering some specifics on striking biomechanics with
    MMA fighter Kerry Vera

  2. mistermiah21 says:

    Thanks Naudi – Excellent video! Kerry has fantastic technique.

  3. Ming Kern Lim says:

    I used to conventional weight training, but since ever stepping into MMA
    and fighting class… I realize the importance of functional training.
    Thanks Naudi 🙂 

  4. Brandon Hall says:

    Love your videos. To bad more people don’t use functional training when the
    train. Makes such a difference in your body movement and conditioning, I
    have been doing it for 5 and a half years and will never go back to
    conventional workouts and strength training.

  5. SharkKarate says:

    That’s a big girl!!!

  6. HitsLikeABrick says:

    I’m not perfect and I’m not hating. I love your videos. But I hate her hook.

  7. Tavviferret says:

    The applications of those punches are intense and very helpful to me… I
    need to get the concept down of less effort more connection so i don’t wear
    myself out like I’m doing currently. Her cross would knock me out.

  8. namphon says:

    I love your vids sir but I have to agree with a poster below when he said
    she should turn her front foot on the left hook,also transfer the weight to
    the rear leg on the left hook in order to “throw” the weight onto the left
    foot when throwing a right hand:)

  9. Sherlock251 says:

    Kerry hasn’t fought in a agggeeessss has she?! Would like to see her return
    to the cage!! 

  10. horslems says:

    That is a big woman or a small dude. Nice video however.

  11. Mace23q says:

    She should twist her front foot as she hooks

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