25 comments on “Focus: UFC 166 Edition”

  1. Rodrigo Mendoza says:

    I love it that you give us your thoughts about the various moments and pics you shoot. The combination of music and beautiful photography is awesome, I love Focus!!

  2. worIdCHAMP says:

    so… you come here to see dudes sucking balls? wtf

  3. christo fortune says:

    My fav moment of the card was when Cain took the centre of the octagon. Thanks for that shot. Cain is a savage. Your work proves there is beauty in sanctioned violence.

  4. sir cheezstache of douchebagistan says:

    i always get fucking emotional watching these vids.

  5. Dazedandconfused86 says:

    This was fucking amazing… so well done. Keep em coming guys! Love from alberta canada.

  6. patrickpurcell13 says:


  7. sekytwo says:

    Esther you are amazing!

  8. swpws says:

    God tham , this are fucking increadible beautiful and amazing

  9. ItsUncl3MyK3y says:

    I Hate Kevin Iole

  10. Mirco Czabalala says:

    Nothing better than Phantom Cam highlights.

  11. haungoTube says:


  12. Carlos Ivan Marquez says:

    I think this one is the best one. AMAZING!!!

  13. supermanwithpower says:

    Esther Lin’s voices me going poo lmao

  14. LilBlitz116 says:

    Cormier looks like he wants velasquez

  15. Miguel Rothe says:

    Amazing videos much better than Dana vlog

  16. OnlyUseMeEquip says:

    i fucking love these videos , she is amazing

  17. TeamkillerHenry says:

    Goosebump moment!!!

  18. Walter Galindo says:

    Your best one ever Esther 🙂

  19. David Bazabal says:

    Best fight card ever! You captured some great images and made me relive that moment all over again. Thanks.

  20. gtfkiller says:

    uh ARIEL.. make her do more!

  21. Ceizari says:

    Esther, I love your voice, it’s so Zen like. Thanks for putting these up, oh and will you marry me?

  22. Alex J says:

    DC loves Caine!! Ooohhhoo chain chain chain!!

  23. rodolfoarroyo90 says:

    This was awesome

  24. TheBigUK87 says:

    7:30 … Daniel Cormi-GAY

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