Frankie Edgar Says He Didn’t Want A Tune-Up Fight Before Facing Jose Aldo at UFC 156

MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant sits down with former UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar five days before he challenges Jose Aldo for the Featherweight belt at UFC 156. Frankie talks about his mindset leading into the bout (his 7th consecutive title fight!), why he felt a tune-up fight at 145 lbs was unnecessary and what he thinks he has to look out for most while in the cage with the champion. “The Answer” also lets us know how he feels about potentially inning titles in two different weight classes, which fights he’s most proud of and what he thinks of the current crop of fighters in his new division. Be sure to visit ‪‬ for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook ‪ * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: ‪ * Follow Karyn on Twitter: ‪

25 comments on “Frankie Edgar Says He Didn’t Want A Tune-Up Fight Before Facing Jose Aldo at UFC 156”

  1. Andy Milo says:

    people from jersey have a bad habbit of saying “ya know” during conversations.. I suffer from the same problem lol

  2. davidson2004fatboy says:

    Better a DECISION than LOSING !!! GSP has a lot of DECISIONS, does that make him a LOUSY fighter. Keep in mind, these guys are fighting the BEST fighters on the PLANET !!! Your not going to get KO’S and UNANIMOUS decisions ALL the time. Winning is what it’s ALL about.

  3. liovarjo says:

    hes still Frankie “The Decision” Edgar.

  4. TheSecludedly says:

    I’ll be streaming UFC 156 live in 720p HD over at wrestle-zone[dot] so if you want to see the event, you definitely want to visit the site and enjoy it with me and some friends in a live chat. Stream right from your browser. Best quality streams on the internet, hands down. Join us, and please enjoy.

  5. davidson2004fatboy says:

    C’mon Bro. we DON’T need EXCUSES !!! DON’T want hear any more EXCUSES tonight after he LOSES his belt, OK Bro. !!!

  6. Jose Martinez says:

    Aldo was sick during that fight. And he had bulked up more than usual.

  7. davidson2004fatboy says:

    Edgar in much better shape than Hominick was, who just about beat Aldo in the 5 th rd. with his GROUND and POUND. Aldo’s GAS TANK will be tested this time, it better be FULL !!!

  8. FightFan180 says:

    yea that and Maynard.

  9. FightFan180 says:

    Edgar is tough, and he’s going to need it because his legs are gonna take a pounding all night. I think Aldo will win a decision similar to how he beat Faber.

  10. lonnie333 says:

    Frankie will push the pace and win the later rounds. Jose will gas out. I’m tired of listening to Jose and his Portuguese. LETS GO FRANKIE

  11. goldenfourlife says:


  12. davidson2004fatboy says:

    You bet yeah CHUCKY, and PROUD of it !!! You are LUCKY you will able to witness HISTORY on Feb. 2 a NEW FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPION. Edgar will have ( THE-ANSWER ) to Aldo’s riddle, and be a 2 TIME CHAMPION in 2 weight classes !!!

  13. Sarah Jessica Parker says:

    UFC should ban the phrase “You know”. The next ufc fighter that said you know in their interview get one year suspension.

  14. chuck norris says:

    Frankie fanboy…………

  15. Albone3000 says:

    frankie beat gay ass bendo in that second fight.

  16. MrPhukYu says:

    Because I love you, sir.

  17. Truth18x says:

    kid i said Ben won both of those fights

    why are u replying to me anyway

  18. davidson2004fatboy says:

    It’s to late Fuck-You, I already bet my WIFE on this one !!!

  19. EnemyKarma says:

    lightweight champ vs featherweight champ frankkkkkie lettts goooo

  20. EnemyKarma says:

    despite the judges decision i remembeer frankie beating ben in his last fight ill never call it bens winfuck judges frankin dropped him took him down

  21. Michael Diaz says:

    If Frankie can keep a good pace and gas out Aldo, I feel he could get the knockout in the 4th or 5th. I see Aldo being more or less dominant in the first three… it’ll be a great fight no matter what.

  22. MrPhukYu says:

    Didn’t see the rematch… but if you think Frankie won the first fight with Benfag, then you should just stop watching MMA.

  23. MrPhukYu says:

    Benson’s boring ass would get murdered by Aldo.

  24. MrPhukYu says:

    BJ, Maynard & Benfag are not top P4P fighters like Aldo, though… sooo? Don’t bet your house, unless you want to live under a bridge.

  25. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    True, I think Aldo is the most intense opponent because he can end the fight in an eye blink! those other 3 are amazing fighters, but yeah Aldo is very very dangerous and very well rounded. Also the guy hasn’t lost in roughly 5 years!!! Nonetheless, Edgar is a beast and has the Heart of a true champion! Go Edgar.

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