Full Ben Askren Interview from Inside MMA

One FC fighter Ben Askren discusses subjects such as his recent comments about Johny Hendricks and his upcoming title shot versus current One FC welterweight champion Nobutatsu Suzuki in an…

9 comments on “Full Ben Askren Interview from Inside MMA”

  1. RG408 says:

    Askren is good but if he thinks he can beat Hendricks, he is in for a world
    of hurt. I think he is number 3 or 4 if you include gsp. I don’t think he
    could beat Lawler. 

  2. Chris Lucas says:

    What did he say? I fell asleep.

  3. Chris Sirc says:

    Askren is a beast. Too bad Dana didn’t want him in there he would have been

  4. Rallisport says:

    Ben Askren is the best grappler in MMA. If you think he’s boring, well….
    There’s always boxing…

  5. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    This guy started slow but has developed real power and is suddenly stopping
    fools. I’m excited to see how he keeps doing.

  6. Sean Grace says:

    What a waste of real talent in an irrelevant mma promotion. I hope Askren
    gets to UFC some how some way.

  7. Charlie Brown says:

    Johnny would take this ugly jew-froed motherfuckers head off!

  8. Charlie Brown says:

    You suck…
    So hard…
    Ben “boring” ASS-kren

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