9 comments on “Full Ben Askren Interview from Inside MMA”

  1. RG408 says:

    Askren is good but if he thinks he can beat Hendricks, he is in for a world
    of hurt. I think he is number 3 or 4 if you include gsp. I don’t think he
    could beat Lawler. 

  2. Chris Lucas says:

    What did he say? I fell asleep.

  3. Chris Sirc says:

    Askren is a beast. Too bad Dana didn’t want him in there he would have been

  4. Rallisport says:

    Ben Askren is the best grappler in MMA. If you think he’s boring, well….
    There’s always boxing…

  5. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    This guy started slow but has developed real power and is suddenly stopping
    fools. I’m excited to see how he keeps doing.

  6. Sean Grace says:

    What a waste of real talent in an irrelevant mma promotion. I hope Askren
    gets to UFC some how some way.

  7. Charlie Brown says:

    Johnny would take this ugly jew-froed motherfuckers head off!

  8. Charlie Brown says:

    You suck…
    So hard…
    Ben “boring” ASS-kren

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