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  1. HitProof says:

    If I got would trains in TapouT Training Center I was also fights like
    thats Boys

  2. William Aquino says:

    I am going to put my 6 yr old daughter in jiu-jitsu and my baby boy also

  3. Savanna Kuhn says:

    My son starts training in 6 months! I hope we see yalln in person one day!!
    Good luck boys!

  4. Noak Larsson says:

    this two kids will hurt them shelf with this training :/ 

  5. Max Dawson says:

    Ther her is ace

  6. Pdedro Carvalho says:

    This is fucking sick

  7. Juan Alfonso Torrevillas says:

    i wonder what weight class they’ll end up at.

  8. keasha white says:

    ruffo brothers<3

  9. Javier Riojas says:

    The future!!!

  10. Fight & Fitness Academies München | Herrsching says:

    The future of MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

  11. daweed420 says:

    @iBeTrollinTheBitches A hunter teaches his kids how to use a rifle from an
    early age…a butcher shows them how to chop meat with a cleaver…an
    electric eng. might let them mess with old broken down television..how is
    this any different for a mma fighter/trainer? He wants his kids to be part
    of his world and do better than him…thats pretty much every descent
    father out there.

  12. whalehunta says:

    lol i was so high i forgot i had a choice to watch this.

  13. Bestdude231 says:

    @Dominuspriter me too but i dont have one

  14. thomasroy51 says:


  15. pexpix says:

    Yep, me and my future kids.. These boys are BEAST!

  16. maxpein0 says:

    I Like the one with the Mohawk.

  17. Giri Prasad says:

    awesome man … they could be the one whom every fighter is afraid of

  18. Mikulwuzhere says:

    @Nick718BkLyN Yeah, there’s an old saying by Bruce Lee? Not really a fan of
    his but it’s a good quote! “Would you rather be kicked by someone who knows
    10,000 different kicks or be kicked by someone who’se practiced a specific
    type of kick 10,000 times?”

  19. Redneckbootsgirl says:


  20. KuroloLucifer says:

    nice keep it up kids ,nothing is wrong if you use it right , hope to see
    you in the world championships MMA in 10 years or before good luck

  21. 121jiggawattz says:

    They could kick my ass…

  22. Joe Antonio Carrero says:

    The future baddest of the baddest 4 sure!!!!! I salute you!!!!!

  23. Brett Mastick says:

    Look up my cage fights type Brett mastick

  24. RomiluMs says:

    bueno pero dejenlos que juegen, son niños

  25. Y Simson says:

    Those kids have potential. They have really good strikes. Its good to learn
    martial arts at a young age. It builds character

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