25 comments on “Gas Station Clerk With MMA Training Surprises Thieves”

  1. LioN KoLLA says:

    he suld be added to EA Sports UFC =D 

  2. John Man says:

    Reddit Armie junior detective here

    I’ve noticed the marlboro lights were $5.99. This doesn’t make any sense
    since marlboro around my area costs $9-12. These must be untaxed
    cigarettes. This reminds me of the recent NY black guy that got choked out
    and killed by NY cops. This further proves that this is a racist gas
    station with crooked cops and politician getting money on the back end. If
    this man was black he would be in a choke hold getting killed on camera for
    our viewing. Classic case of, since hes not black hes not being black.

    Another case solved redditors!
    -Le Reddit Armie **Tips Fedora**

    Edit1 Spelling

  3. DSketti says:

    Between people arming themselves and this shit, a hardworking criminal
    can’t catch a break! What happened to the good old days when a thief could
    just break into Grandma’s house, smack her around a little then take her
    shit and not having to worry about getting shot! This is why we need gun
    control, shit is getting out of hand!

  4. James Dickins says:

    Fuck that Indian store clerk for using excessive violence. If your coworker
    is Indian and he’s being assaulted, DON’T defend him under any
    circumstance! its obvious that he did something wrong and deserved the
    beating. He probably raped one of those black attacker’s sisters. Just
    because you have MMA experience doesn’t mean you have the right to assault
    people! Kind Regards, James Dickins, Ambassador Of Reddit. 

  5. TruXter Jones says:

    Now we play the waiting game for the bruised egos to come back and shoot
    these punks always do. and the police will be nowhere when it happens.

  6. Coptah says:

    Good on him. Reminds me of Sayid.

  7. KronaTithers says:

    Love how they beat his ass a bit more than they needed to. Excessive
    violence is fine with me when it’s against scum.

  8. rocked30 says:

    Man, that guy was a fool! In this country with 300,000,000 guns he is so
    lucky he didn’t get shot. He should have only went outside to help if he
    was armed, he definitely dodge a bullet (No pun intended). Doing what he
    did was fine when I was a kid, but it’s like suicide in today’s America.

  9. Brandt YungstA Walker says:

    Gas Station Clerk With MMA Training Surprises Thi…:

  10. Onslaught808 says:

    “YESSSSSS~!!!!!! YESSSSSS~!!!!!!!”

  11. Ordo Malleus says:


  12. mistervanderveer says:

    That haymaker at the start was majestic.

  13. pimpsahan55 says:


  14. andresCS714 says:

    Came here expecting a lame story but that guy really did beat the crap out
    of those guys.

  15. JYC422 says:

    “Don’t come again!” – MMA Apu

  16. Gerald K says:

    And now he sells cigs at sum crummy gas station 

  17. Master Yodai says:

    If I were that guy I would be watching my back more carefully now, there’s
    a high chance that those thieves are going to comeback for revenge, and
    martial arts can’t stop bullets. He better gets a gun ASAP.

  18. skysz86 says:

    #ufc contract going to this guy

  19. Rob Legg says:

    Sri Lanken beat down

  20. Dorris Pringle-Brule-Salahari says:

    He looks so much like Jon Snow.

  21. Josh Lavian says:

    Nicely done! 

  22. Ley Jordan says:

    I thought I was in love just by looking at him then he opened his mouth and
    that lovely accent came out, I damned near fell out… he’s beautiful lol
    anyway, glad he helped out the poor guy getting robbed, he beat the helll
    out of the guy they left hanging hahaa

  23. Tharaka Karunarathne says:


  24. Cara doge says:

    Im not gay but i’d suck his dick

  25. a7chemist says:

    did she pay for those chips and soda?

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