20 comments on “Georges St-Pierre Criticizes UFC’s PED Testing, Jorgensen vs. Formiga on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. theblackslcmamba says:

    My heart goes out to cat and her family. Sucks.

  2. Petri Rendi says:

    GSP throwing PEDs accusation ??

    Either bring out some evidence or stop accusing people for it. Saying stuff
    like that without any proof can only hurt a sport, not enhance it. I think
    GSP is kinda mad Hendricks beat him and wants to blame it on PEDs

  3. HydroBud98 says:

    The UFC used to feel so epic and special too me back in 2008 when I first
    started watching it and in 09, 10 and 11 and still does but when I listen
    to all the money talk, all the cheating talk and all the lies talk, it
    really starts to make my enjoyment of the UFC feel like more of a
    frustration sometimes. I get frustrated because I do think fighters should
    be getting paid a reasonable amount more and I cant stand the cheating
    that’s going on. For example, from what I heard from a couple of different
    sources is that a fighters 1st fight in the UFC he will get paid 6,000 to
    show up and 6,000 to win and the next time 8 and after that 12. So I think
    it would be fair that instead of 6, 8 and 12 thousand…make it 9, 12 and
    18. That seems totally reasonable in my opinion. Yea the UFC pays more than
    anywhere else but they can pay more than what they pay to up and coming
    fighters. Think of all the scenarios of how a beginning UFC fighters pay
    could play out if 6, 8 and 12k is true and you will find that some are
    pretty messed up, some are ok and some are great but you need to take into
    account that these guys are risking their consciousness and their physical
    and emotional health. You also need to take into account all the work they
    put in at the gym and the fact that some of them need to keep their 9-5 job
    for awhile into their UFC careers. I couldn’t believe it when the UFC did
    not give Josh Sampo his 100,000 bonus money because he was 1, 11/2 or 2
    pounds over weight. He had 1 week to prepare and managed to only be over a
    couple pounds over the limit. He is wrestling coach, a teacher, trains MMA
    and he might have a family. Give these guys a break!

  4. Edin Pandzic says:

    GSP #1 p4p and GOAT….

  5. Jack Roberts says:

    Suicide, it’s a cowardly act. INCREDIBLY selfish! Think about your baby son
    and wife – if he had thought about them it never would have happened.

    **sigh** – thoughts go out to the Zingano family.

  6. Kasper Ancher says:

    I agree with its a shame to cut any of these Mir, Overeem or Jorgensen..
    But at the same time i understand that the UFC cant have too many fighters
    fighting in their organisation and they have to cut some and hope they have
    better talent upcoming. The question is should they rather cut someone like
    Matt Mitrione who is at the lower end of the hw roster? Or is he still
    improving enough to maybe become a top 5 guy one day? (Im sorry but i dont
    see him in the top 10 at any given time)

  7. burlbark says:

    He doesnt have Dana peering down at him. Now he can can just tell everyone
    the truth. They are all doping and he wanted a fair playing field. UFC
    better change or die.

  8. Isaiah Gouveia says:

    Robin black is a fag just like GSP Fuck TRT JUNKIE THAT DUDE WANT EVER

  9. Ben Danon says:

    Ramdeen needs to stop being so pro Canada and an excuse maker for GSP.
    Georges did not step away because of testing concerns, lets be honest. Yes
    there are personal issues he is going thru, family illness, pregnancy,
    whatever they might be but also he’s coming to the realization that he
    isn’t the elite fighter that he once was. Hendricks doesn’t use TRT nor do
    Condit and Diaz, thats a silly excuse. 

  10. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    I hate hearing you guys try and make people feel bad for UFC champions, I
    have no pity for GSP. The only one putting pressure on him is himself.

    Also Scott Jorgensen is not always exciting and is never going to be a top
    10 fighter.

  11. Clymax01 says:

    What do you expect from a company who can’t have a former Champion fight in
    America because the commissions wont let him juice because of previous
    steroid abuse 

  12. Skyfire X says:

    Now 1 thing i wanna point out. GSP “wants to help the sport ” so there for
    everyone knows he lost to hendricks . He doesn’t admit getting his fucking
    face hammered he avoids that by creating a new fucking circus…. right so
    by testing for ped’s he thinks he’s helping , yet he clearly lost a fight
    and isn’t bashing mma judging. Good ridance im glad you’re gone dickhead

  13. Jesus Chuy says:

    WTF GSP Is A Steroid User That’s Why He Took A Fuckin Break To Let His
    System Clear Up B4 He’s Tested. And These Dude’s R Licking His Ass With
    These Ridiculous Ass Comments About Him

  14. prfctstrngrz says:

    More than ever (with the current expansion taking place), this sport needs
    a union with a detailed collective bargaining agreement that covers
    everything from wages and drug testing to injuries and fighter release

    I would have thought by now that someone like Tito or Shamrock (both very
    bitter towards White and the UFC) would have made an attempt by now. They’d
    obviously need some help, but I think the support for it (including the
    fighters) would overwhelmingly in favor.

  15. iamalex4life says:

    Cat and Mauricio broke up just months ago you say Ramdeen?

  16. Clymax01 says:

    Dana White and the UFC are full of shit
    Dana criticised Mayweather for wanting random blood and urine testing for
    his fights
    Dana calls St-Pierre’s stupid for wanting the same
    “We are the most regulated sport when it comes to drug testing other than
    the Olympics” Says Dana

  17. James A says:

    Gsp complaining about not getting more respect??? Imagine being in
    Kendrick’s shoes. He beat you but was robbed because you’re the favored

  18. lewis harvie says:

    At ufc 167 and yasss Scotty 

  19. UFCfan4lif3 says:

    so basically gsp retired cuz he got fucked up in the face too much and is
    now accusing it on fighters taking enhancement drugs

  20. Yo Yo Ho says:

    Win or die!

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