25 comments on “Georges St-Pierre Vacates UFC Title + Hendricks / Lawler Announcement (complete + unedited)”

  1. xUnleadedx says:

    guy asking question around 13:00 – 14:00 mins is a dumb ass. He already
    answered that question. Damn

  2. dan theman says:

    Say no more George. You did what you came to do and you have earned the
    right to step away. Salute!

  3. mckaos666 says:

    i agree with him stopping fighting if its for the right reasons but he goes
    on about his shoulder then his private life then the fans talking about his
    fights all time personally i dont buy it he must know he just won his last
    fight pure luck and isnt in hurry to come back lose the belt cos dana
    doesnt like losers so 3 wins and he would be off to bellator somethings
    just not right different excuses all the time be honest george 

  4. James H says:

    Here’s a link to the call without the bullshit music playing for 10mins:
    GSP Conference Call: Georges St-Pierre Vacates UFC title

  5. MrZulujack says:


  6. Jim Naylor says:

    he’s rich and famous. it’s time to call up some bitches and haves him some

  7. Jhazizi Films says:

    Why would GSP put himself in such danger in another fight with Hendricks
    for the people who call him a pussy

  8. Jesus Duarte says:

    Nick Diaz vs Condit rematch 

  9. Justin FisherTv says:

    wow what a pussy

  10. Fight For Fitness 2013 says:

    all theses people asking the same questions wtf!? They get paid by asking
    the stupid and acting stupid or what? I mean seriously leave the guy alone!
    I bet some of his issues has to be with maybe with the media with all there
    bullshit they do! Ugh! Let him take a break for a while! 

  11. LGD FiberOptix says:

    george was scared after all, but he is a warrior

  12. LifeTIlt IsOk says:

    about time a champ quit this sport without been stiff KOed,i hope he never
    come back!!
    what else you need when you make 12 millions a year….You obv need to have
    a good health to enjoy that dead money

  13. Kris Diaz says:

    Diaz vs Condit II

  14. Thales Moreira says:

    Hitler killed himself for the same reason: refusing to declare a loss.

  15. Jacob Wu says:

    nick diaz condit 2 robbie diaz 2!!!!!!!

  16. Alex Ander says:

    Hendricks won. 

  17. Louis Harris says:

    Starts around 7:30 

  18. George C says:

    Johny Hendricks = THE NEW DOMINANT WW CHAMPION 2014-2018


  19. cognitivenicnac says:

    GSP is a man of integrity and a great fighter in his weight class. My
    respect goes out to him. However, I doubt that if he does return that he
    will capture the title again. All greats with time fall e.g.
    Anderson,Emilinanko to name a few. I observed the Hendricks fight with
    unbiased eyes and believe he lost the fight. Freakin close fight but lost.
    I guess the only great fighter that has not lost is Mayweather. That sob is
    freak of nature, a true great. But if he sticks around long enough will
    also fall from grace. My 2cent

  20. DamianTheFarmer says:

    people that say he is scared of hendricks sound like little kids. Ok yes
    Hendricks won. But guys GSP was planning to step aside BEFORE the fight!

  21. alex t says:

    yea fuck off gsp Hendricks is the reall champ

  22. TopShelf says:

    GSP leaving is the most exciting thing to happen to the 170lb division.

  23. Harley Star says:

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. He deserves to do what he wants. He’s
    earned it. Now all you haters go fuck off.

  24. Cuetlachcuicatl says:

    I’m personally really happy to see Lawler and Hendrix fight. Gsp… he can
    do whatever he wants, many like myself have a problem with his fighting
    style, but even I would never deny that he is a great fighter. I hope he
    gets his problems sorted out and comes back and fights hendricks again, he
    owes everyone that.

  25. floydyes says:

    lol at all this trolls commenting

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