8 comments on “Get Ready for UFC 161 With Inside MMA Friday on AXS TV”

  1. atrixospithikos says:

    try adblock

  2. cratica says:

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  3. Velkar182 says:

    You put up goddam commercials? And make us watch a 10 second commercial before watching your goddam commercial??????? Fuck you!

  4. mikeesteele says:

    Rashad via “Death by paddy cake”

  5. OJMMA says:

    Dan Henderson is going to get his ass whooped 

  6. RodBocop17 says:

    henderson will murder rashad

  7. Martin May says:

    (greg jackson voice) GO GET SOME RASHAAAAD EVANSSS!!!!

  8. wwechamp7 says:

    I once beat both Henderson and Evans in one night!

    On UFC Undisputed 3

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