25 comments on “Giroud’s HeadButt Was Like The MMA!!! – Arsenal 2 QPR 1”

  1. Jamal FriedChicken says:

    Welbeck is a talentless headless chicken. He brings nothing except an
    assist and maybe (rarely) a goal every 4 games. He runs around making
    shitty runs and doesn’t even bother with aerial duels. Welbeck is a joke
    but now we’re stuck with him

  2. arsene & donkey giroud out says:

    Donkey giroud is disgrace to arsenal. Headbutting players and cheating on
    his wife and kids.


  3. Waka Mole says:

    If the fans singing and backing the team helps the team on the pitch then
    it is the responsibility of the club and the fans and by the way, that
    headbutt was fuck all. He just put his face in the other guys face.

  4. king cr says:

    He is right something has to be done about this. Look at Dortmund, Bayern
    or even Crystal palace fans cheering their team. Fans need to cheer up the
    team and motivate them not just sitting their and wondering when the match
    is going to finish.

  5. Brian Henning says:

    i really hope cavani joins us in january, giroud is just a little bit too
    french lately.

  6. LionSaultV2 says:

    Red action are a bunch of posh twats

  7. JackAllstarSports says:

    Im disliking this fan in each interview he does 😐 

  8. Daniel Cullen says:

    who is this brainless person and why has he been chosen instead of someone
    who could speak a bit of sense lol 

  9. ErrBrid says:

    All this twat ever talks about is Podolski not getting a chance (rightly so
    because he is dogshit at everything bar finishing) and the fans and the
    atmosphere they make or lack thereof. Change the fucking record, everyone
    knows Emirates atmosphere is appalling so stop going on and on and on. Also
    pisses me off when he pronounces Wenger’s name as When-Gah FFS so
    uncultured. Man’s been here for nearly 2 decades and you can’t pronounce
    his name properly una. These brainless fans smh why can’t anyone talk
    tactics etc. after the game? Baffles me.

  10. Øyvind Jørgensen says:

    Giroud was stupid, fortunately we didn’t draw this match at 2-2 or even
    worst lose 3 points.

  11. arsenalfan says:

    He should have said WWE head butt is illegal in MMA

  12. TheCartoshkaKing says:

    If that little cunt In the background doesn’t watch it he’ll end up like
    this guy

  13. Oldskoolmercs says:

    This guy is spot on regarding the fans not getting behind the team.

    Where is red action?
    I would like to get involved on this.

    I was at the game today and geezer was telling me to sit down even though I
    was at the last row anyway how can I get involved, sometimes it feels I am
    the only one in my section singing.

    Anyone got any info let me know.


  14. szlachta1alek says:

    Right lads, I’ve been to games in Poland and every team has a huge ultra
    following of passionate loud supporters, stood up, proud shouting for
    90mins. Why don’t we shift our arses in England finally and start some
    singing stands. I’ve been United, Forest, etc. and the atmoshpere is always
    the same, quiet and shit. We need to take back the stands and be loud and
    proud again, we are the 12th player!

  15. Jack Frank ham says:

    The guy looks like the little boy of UP the film! Just a bit taker

  16. blooduhz says:

    Kroenke doesn’t like noisy passionate fans singing out loud. Instead he
    likes the stadium to be quiet and only cheering when the team’s score a
    goal, just like in NBA or NHL. That’s why he ordered stewards to tell fans
    who are standing up and singing to sit down back.

  17. Arcturus Dunhelm says:

    ..Headbutting is not allowed in MMA…

  18. Tyrone Muaka says:

    The Emirates stadium was as loud as playing fifa on mute something needs to
    be done about the atmosphere

  19. katamari84 says:

    This guy problem always with the fans,always about not loud enough,why you
    dictate how to rally the crowd? jeezus

  20. Andy Gee says:

    Your red in-action mate.. put da mouth in gear before ya talk !!!

  21. TheMrBlobHD says:

    Why don’t all the fans make some fucking noise, I’m sorry but it’s true
    about the emirates being a fucking library.. How are you meant to rally the
    team on when it’s the equivalent to a library.

  22. John w says:

    Is this guy dumb there are no head butts in mixed marital arts.

  23. Alex Gooner says:

    Dude we won, wengerout people so dum…

  24. Jaw Crawford says:


  25. LCPD9111 says:

    you na amen

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