25 comments on “Gold Medalist Ready to Make Big Splash in MMA”

  1. aattitude says:

    Doing too many fights also has a price in the form of body punishment, and that can include brain damage. Will shorten your career prematurely.

  2. aattitude says:


  3. aattitude says:

    It’s not too late. He’s been traininer with MMA fighters for a long time, plus he already has mma’s base down pat: wrestling.

  4. MancoChakutec says:

    Henry CEJUDO hahahahah what a last name

  5. ronniecoleman456 says:

    I cant wait

  6. MMARoundup says:

    Can’t wait to see him. Another Olympian only adds more credibility to MMA.

  7. Gunnar Kristinsson says:

    nice guy, looking forward to seeing him compete

  8. peruviancofebean12 says:

    Nigga should’ve done this along time ago

  9. Bobby Clerici says:

    Henry Cejudo seems like a nice guy and all, but 135 is going to be a challenge at his height and reach. His best wrestling weight was 121, and in MMA Flyweight is 125.
    He should start there and get his feet wet before trying to put on so much weight so fast.
    Those in a race with nature finish last.

  10. PatBarryMoron says:

    some of them weren’t even being rude. they were asking legit questions

  11. hamidious says:

    He’s not an asshole. He’s cool as hell. I bet those morons deserved it.

  12. thehotsteal says:

    wow, i like this guy’s attitude.

  13. El Duderino says:

    Renan Barao used to fight 5 to 7 times each year before he got into the UFC. That’s the best way to build up experience, he’s a champ at only 25 so why not go the same route as he did.

  14. Jizzle76 says:

    Jim Carey and Frank Shamrock had a baby.

  15. PatBarryMoron says:

    Pat Barry is a fucking asshole. /watch?v=ru404ikGtXg

  16. scar1884 says:

    Sits on hoes faces

  17. dave151550 says:

    cant wait to watch him fight.

  18. Gunner Myers says:

    click here for an adventure!

  19. Gunner Myers says:

    hope he transitions well to mma

  20. wtfwtfwtf777 says:

    looks like Ronda Rousey case might attract new blood from Olympic guys who are looking to continue to make their living by competing. would be nice – as it might raise the level of the sport…

  21. Steadno says:

    8 fights in 1 year?

  22. superheaton says:

    Looks like Frank Shamrock

  23. slevinlindsay says:

    i love how former olympic practitioners are giving mma more credibility.

  24. LiverKickKO says:

    Seems like a good kid. Looking forward to whatever he has to offer the sport.

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