17 comments on “Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2, Silva vs. Saunders and New York MMA on Newsmakers”

  1. ARFOR DeTWENTI says:

    “We don’t need all 3 of us.”

    My sentiments exactly, Robin.
    Been thinking that for months..

  2. Rashad Almomani says:

    That’s crazy MMA is still illegal in New York, I wonder why…

  3. Frank V says:

    The Brazilians got this one. Cro Cop is not a cage fighter and I wouldn’t
    doubt it if he doesn’t even train in a cage. He should fight Fedor because
    they are both has-beens that don’t know how to fight in a cage.

  4. Cú Chulainn Laochra says:

    What’s more sad than Dana setting this up because Bellator wanted him, is
    CroCop won’t stay in retirement. The man was in Glory recently too, he was
    a great kickboxer, and one of the few to transition those skills into MMA
    effectively, but he’s not well rounded enough to be called a Mixed Martial

  5. John says:

    4:15 “right kick cemetery, left kick morgue”? lol, almost right, Robin. ;)

  6. D1E5ECT says:

    UFC brand takin it on the face for both these cards, Erick Silva is better
    than that and has potential to contend for title. Cro Cop got fucked up
    in Glory , cmon. 

  7. Crazy4Tediz says:

    i wanna see how cro cop handles this one.. im down for it

  8. Phil Wilson says:

    I hate to tell u friend but ninety percent of ufc fighters would get
    handled in glory. These fellas are some of the best in kickboxing. Remember
    there is no wrestling in glory

  9. Steve Gutierrez says:

    My thoughts exactly… cro cop is even further washed up even tho he was
    one of the greats… but gonzaga definately not a title contender is still
    in his prime even tho he may be coming towards the end of that hill too.. +Robin

  10. marcuelcajon says:

    I have a feeling that this is a bad matchup for Erik Silva. Saunders has
    some of the nastiest knees and clinch game.

  11. James Lendech says:

    There is Robin Black! Been missing you buddy

  12. Telvin Kipapa says:

    It’s sad the only reason UFC signed Cro Cop was becuz Bellator wanted to
    sign him. More reasons to hate Dana 

  13. Duke D says:

    cro cop”s brain is tapioca pudding he shouldn’t fight anymore

  14. sportfuryman says:

    First arlovski…..then cm punk, now rampage and cro cop…..who next hulk
    hogan or kevin nash….hell sign the whole nwo…..they were needle movers
    back in the day as well 

  15. Vyacheslav Te says:

    I hope Cro cop knock him out!

  16. Honky Tonk says:

    Gonzaga sucks. It will be easy win for Cro cop.

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