25 comments on “GSP Vacates Title, Hendricks-Lawler, UFC on FOX 9: Johnson vs. Benevidez & More on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. War Child says:

    Did Condit refuse to suck Dana’s dick or something!?!?!?!

  2. leftylethborg says:

    whatever gsp’s personal problems are they are is own and people should
    resepct the fact that he needs time to resolve them i think it’s a class
    act that he vacated the tittle and the way hes handled the situation is
    classic gsp

  3. Bornin Arkham says:

    Fuckin aliens! 

  4. Khaos969 says:

    The question I always ask myself about GSP is… can you be regarded as the
    best pound for pound fighter in the world when you win most of your fights
    lieing on a guy for 5 rounds and scoring points wins year after year? Or do
    you become pound for pound best by smashing your opponent unconscious time
    after time like Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva… I think GSP is the
    pound for pound best MMA wrestler and points winner… but FIGHTER no
    way… he dosent come to fight he comes to steal the rounds… I just cant
    respect that as much

  5. kopxpert says:

    Because GSP cant give UFC an estimation of time/period of his time off (or
    he may have even said, he doesnt even know if he will be back at all), he
    has to give up the belt (obviously). That’s what I think. And if that’s the
    case, I dont think he’ll be back at all….

  6. Kasper Ancher says:

    I think UFC learned from the Cruz thing. Cruz was gone for too long to
    still be considered the champion and Renan sorta got robbed because he was
    clearly a true champion while Cruz is gone. I think it should just be
    something like if you cannot fight for 12 months, you are no longer the
    champion however you get a instant tittle shot when you return, that would
    be more fair for the rest of the division.

  7. Edin Pandzic says:

    it should be hendrix vs condit….lawler just got into top 10 lol….its
    set up for hendrix to win….

  8. LEON-Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare says:

    Sad to see him go but glade he went out on top! :-)

  9. MrTelboy1992 says:

    toppled Hendricks ?
    a lot of people thought Hendricks won that fight. and this makes me think
    GSP knows that as well. and that’s why he left, so he doesn’t have to have
    the re-match.
    I feel bad for Hendricks in this. he lost a controversial decision to GSP
    and now doesn’t get the chance to correct that. if Hendricks wins this belt
    people will say “he didn’t win it from GSP”.
    GSP should have gave Hendricks the re-match and then re-tired.

  10. ROBBIE(UFC) says:

    i’m a huge gsp fan and i’m ok with him leaving but if he does return theres
    no way can he refuse that johnny hendricks fight. that makes no sense

  11. clippertalk says:

    This show from Canada?

  12. Fckgogle Pluss says:

    so he toppled hendrix??!?!?! LMFAO This guy his such a gsp nutt hugger

  13. datDANK says:

    Why would the Champ who many people think stole the fight.. just quit after
    everyone thinks he lost????

  14. Gabriel Verdon says:

    Ramdeen is a weird loudmouthed idiot.

  15. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    I figured since GSP was interviewed after the fight, that he would be out
    for awhile and eventually, vacating the title. Ronald Macdonald must be

  16. bulldoggrrr says:

    “nobody ever left on top except for a couple small examples”…well that’s
    far from true. what about Barry Sanders. He was for sure the best running
    back in the NFL at the time he walked away (also in his prime and still
    considered by many as G.O.A.T).Of course its not common but it’s not

  17. Edin Pandzic says:

    the ufc made him give up the belt lol…..did you already forget danas
    reaction? dana said he will have to give up belt if he wants break….he
    said that when 1st time he heard gsp saying he needs break from mma….

  18. Edin Pandzic says:

    #1 p4p and GOAT!

  19. bonka wonka lonka says:

    The dude with the weird hair made some great points.

  20. janet B says:

    Ufc just died

  21. polakoune says:

    I hope Robbie Lawler will DESTROYE this faggot Johnny “steroid man”
    hendricks 🙂 

  22. Trapper John says:

    I think GSP will take 18 months or so off and will come back at 185 and
    make a title run

  23. David says:

    Im very happy to see gsp leave ufc

  24. Al Bundy says:

    To those whos complaining about Hendricks vs Lawler has to understand that,
    Carlos Condit already have just fought Hendricks. I think UFC think it’ll
    be played out. Logically Rory Macdonald would be the next in line, but
    since he lost to Robbie Lawler its only right to put Lawler as the runner
    up. You guys have to realize to that Robbie weakness is wrestling, so
    Hendrix has a better chance of winning. And if they do stand it would be
    such a fucking amazing with two power knockout fighters. If Lawler loses,
    and Carlos win his next fight, itll be more for the better when he faces
    Hendrix, instead of doing an instant rematch of Hendrix vs Condit. I think
    its a smart choice the UFC made.

  25. Adam Kileel says:

    I feel bad for Condit he’s the real one missing out.

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