25 comments on “Happy Halloween From Misfit, Wolverine & Robin Black on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Frank V says:

    Well played. Is he really going out as Robin Black tonight?

  2. Fresh Phily says:

    That last lean pose though lol

  3. MrGundam420 says:

    Pollock is P4P the best Robin Black!

  4. G_A_B_O_S says:

    What the fuk am I watching?

  5. AJ De Fazio says:

    Meet me over at camera 3 

  6. iamalex4life says:

    I can’t even

  7. junglisttt says:

    Hahahahahah this is so awesome! Pollock did black pretty good LoL:). Happy
    halloween from Sweden 

  8. Matthew Clarke says:

    how does real robin keep it together. i was rolling on the floor laughing

  9. Telvin Kipapa says:


  10. juan twotree says:

    Great impression Pollock. Didnt know you had that in you. Hilariously well
    executed. C’mon Robin, Didnt throw in a single “bub”? And Ramdeen was
    unrecognizable lol. He played that character to the fullest. Made me second
    guess if that was ramdeen or not. Well done gents. Happy Halloween. 

  11. rollexx says:

    That was a better Robin Black than Robin Black.

  12. Matthew Clarke says:

    omg pollock nailed it!

  13. Franklin the Skateboarding Bulldog says:

    This is why this is my favorite MMA news show on TV or the web.

  14. daemperor99 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Amazing Pollock!!

  15. Bruno Leite says:

    So amazing! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, congrats not everyone have the
    guts to do that on tv

  16. JwVanC says:

    John Pollock is better than Robin Black at being Robin Black

  17. Gnar SacistH8r says:

    That was awesome. Robin black 2.0 is on crack love it.

  18. kouradimpla says:

    Jeeeeeeeeeessus, son! Pollock, dude, you should do this more often.

  19. Octavio Mendez says:


  20. ThaiPugnus says:

    Who is Ramdeen supposed to be, Nathan Explosion? Hahaha.

    Great job guys had me laughing my ass off!

  21. polakoune says:

    LOL, i appreciate lot of this mma tv show!
    Happy Halloween from France guys ;-)

  22. Jake B says:

    Awesome, hahaha

  23. oscar reynoso says:

    Good job

  24. FF MMA says:

    lol helluva job Pollock!

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