Harlem Shake with UFC’s Alexander Gustafsson at Allstar training center

Jon Jones Here We Come!!! Scandinavia’s sexiest MMA-website MMAnytt.se and USA sexiest MMA-website StudioMMA.com Thanks to Alexander Gustafsson, Reza Madadi and the staff and fighters at Allstar Training Center SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*

23 comments on “Harlem Shake with UFC’s Alexander Gustafsson at Allstar training center”

  1. chuey1988 says:

    Finishing Shogun is pretty hard man LOL

  2. socrev2012 says:

    Racist redneck number one…

  3. Jon Proctor says:

    >gym in sweden
    >filled with arabs

    yea no…..im gonna smile when Jon Jones knocks this faggots teeth in

  4. eduds6 says:

    Looks like a Gogo Boy

  5. socrev2012 says:

    You have seen Jones shake?

  6. Shahablo says:

    gustafsson might be the only person in the world to screw up the harlem shake

  7. GluttonousDragon says:

    mousasi is gonna have to cut to 185 after this fight

  8. socrev2012 says:

    Gustafsson is the new champ in one years time.

  9. socrev2012 says:

    Gustafsson to war!!! Fuck Jones.

  10. sakho103 says:

    jon jones will fuck this guy up so bad wow

  11. Luan Swanepoel says:

    The messages to Jon Jones is gonna cause a lot of shit between the people who can’t take a joke.

  12. enrandigsten says:

    Dream on.

  13. BJJdabessss623 says:

    yes he is

  14. GluttonousDragon says:

    you’re that guy from lloyd irvins gym. So have you raped any girls lately?

  15. Thiago Werneck Ribas says:

    Video do Gustafsson ficou melhor que o  do Bonnes !!

  16. Emil Karlsson says:

    Hehehe Reza, vilken kung.

  17. terek86 says:

    Chuck is that you? 

  18. whirrun11 says:

    he ain’t getting past mousasi

  19. artkor says:

    GUS!! Awesome guy!!

  20. herminiosegura says:

    Soo funny 🙂 but i dont think so

  21. Ricky Robbie says:

    Whiteboy got some moves 🙂

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