25 comments on “HD Starcraft 2 Huk v MMA RSL PvT Heart of the Swarm”

  1. CollectiveFury says:

    I miss the Reaver+mega psionic storm days. Psionic storm in SC2 is so weak.

  2. andrei87x says:

    you lost your credibility when you said that they suck against stalkers and that they need to kite zealots. that’s true only when you have 1-2 units and micro them. but in large numbers, after you get a critical mass of bio units they own any gateway composition. im’n not saying they are OP, since there are methods to beat them (ff early on then splash from storms or colossi) but saying bio sucks against stalkers or zealots is insane

  3. bpric13 says:

    Atheism Is Funny, Part 5!

    youtube(.)com /watch?v=p0n_TqpNVEw

  4. DrProach says:

    Huk needed more AOE thats the only answer

  5. UltimateAnonymous says:

    Marine and Marauders aren’t OP. Huk just made a decision to try and push with the immortals that cost him the game. Had he poked in to see what sort of composition MMA had, he would have had the proper composition to combat it. Gateway isn’t that good vs bio, but that’s why Protoss have units that do splash damage.

    Learn how to play.

  6. Jofre Steele says:

    anybody see him?

  7. Yeff F says:

    u know HD is behind in sc2 when he says “the mine picks whoever it wants” lmfao u can micro the mines HD –__–

  8. scottlandry001 says:

    good to see Huk again

  9. biteeemeee101 says:

    i forgot about MMA. guess he reached his skill cap ages ago

  10. Frozen9871 says:

    Great EMPs in the last fight

  11. dogubomb says:

    How is Marine Marauder OP? They have to kite zealots or they lose. Marines suck against stalkers. Colossus and High Temps shut down marine Marauder unless you have perfect EMPs. When Terran players win, people scream OP. When any other race wins, the game is balanced. I don’t get it.

  12. Walder Frey says:

    he is

  13. animefanatic88 says:

    Huk is the Suk!

  14. FrozenGrip a says:

    Along the EMP to shut down half of their overall survival-ability

  15. n77mee says:

    HD sry to say this but learn your car man because this is all your life man 🙁

  16. JstoutL says:

    huk was behind the whole time…

  17. Betrayalixx says:

    It’s almost like you think he is obliged to make more videos.

  18. TemplarX2 says:

    Waited five days and you posted a 13 min game? Common, man.

  19. crpsegrnder says:

    Did you not see the upgrade advantage and the perfectly landed EMP’s at that last engagement? HUK was outplayed simple as that

  20. xtremesheep says:

    no, If those imortals had been collossi and he had been even supply he most likely would have won

  21. exiledrabbit says:

    Husky is at Comicon meeting his fans

  22. aNamelessDread says:

    He had no splash damage and was down by 50 supply. Please don’t comment if you don’t know how the game works.

  23. vaschmir says:

    if there is a wood league ill probably in the rust league xD this guys are just too awesome cooments doodles xD

  24. chris199114 says:

    The fact that people upvote your comment shows how stupid the sc2 community is. OP here UP there omfg so many retards -.-

  25. hotkulboi77 says:

    Wood league alert!!!

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