25 comments on “HD Starcraft 2 MMA v Hyun RSL TvZ Heart of the Swarm g1”

  1. Norbin Nor says:

    Lings yes, drones no 🙂 I think they do 18 damage, 18×2 = 36. Ling hp 35, drone hp 40.

  2. popcorn513 says:

    MMA always know what unit to counter

  3. roblang2 says:

    because he had no detection and was getting shot by mines. He didnt know how many there wud be.

  4. jessicaSNSD111 says:

    Hyun really should have gone for vipers, a few blinding clouds on those tanks and marines would have changed everything

  5. JirkaGasik says:

    I’m sure someone has mentioned it here already but those SCVs were dropped during hyun’s counterattack on MMA’s third. They joined the battle.

  6. Hailiang Xu says:

    there should be a better way there for zerg to deal with cheap airdrops.

  7. Kertigen1 says:

    Why did Hyun pull back at 9:15? Seems like he could have done a lot of damage there.

  8. lucassykim says:

    Even after the nerf hellbats 2 shot lings and drones

  9. SliPsHoTiFc says:

    HD MMA dropped those tanks to make vikings. the ones that surprised you during the big battle 😉

  10. hybernate says:

    Is there a way for us to send letters / emails to the company that is causing you grief, HD? My blood is boiling over these nuisance IP claims…

  11. Akimb0 says:

    The win ratios say otherwise.

  12. sarahinferno1 says:

    thats what I just did….by telling hd 😉 I don’t have access to his account or I would

  13. MrJupiter0001 says:

    I vote to get rid of medivac boost jets. that just portrays how stupidly cheap medivac drops are

  14. asorlon1 says:

    Only MMA could pull something like this off.

  15. sinmagnion says:

    Thank for your service 🙂

  16. sunmin1Kim says:

    Finally i came into korea T.t my home country.

  17. Chris Basham says:

    Or get off your lazy ass and change it

  18. TheBlackiwid says:

    like I said if mma would not have slept and made normal macro (building workers)  this game would be totaly onesided.

  19. TheBlackiwid says:

    so they make damage but does not even pay a small price for it like it was in wol, except zerg goes mutas… so zergs only makabe playstyle would be muta-ling… but forget about that because of widow mines this unit is hard countered also.

    but dont blame and skip please “play more games in bronze” it shows not your iq if you repeat some stuff because you prefer trolling over answer to arguments.

  20. TheBlackiwid says:

    hmm this game was even closer as it needed to be, the only reason zerg player got a edge after his attack and the fly-away of mma was because mma had only 30 workers. if he would have normla amount of workers 50-60 and he was not stopped building them because he wanted a stronger 200 supply armee he would not needed so long to max out again.

    generaly its hard zerg has no good anti-air and terran can dodge 100% zerg with stim and medivac-“stim” so they can drop without loosing units for that

  21. Michael Stieger says:

    Thank you very much^^

  22. John Yang says:


  23. tacotwosdays says:

    the game is broken right now even pros are complaining about it. obviously when they release an expansion its to evolve different strategies which is what happened, but they are broken right now. why do you think they are coming up with nerfs?

  24. antiZi13 says:

    nope, terran is op

  25. kafkawood says:

    MMA is BEAST. Hyun totally OUTPLAYED.

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