25 comments on “HD Starcraft 2 MMA v Hyun RSL TvZ Heart of the Swarm g3”

  1. Logan Rivers says:

    That was the best TvZ I’ve watched in awhile!

  2. AcidBugler says:

    douchebag top comment fisher

  3. Gromst3rr says:

    Great game series! Thanks for bringing these HD!

  4. Smythic7 says:

    If you record a whole set of games and then upload all of them at the same time. Could you upload the last one first and the first one last. When i watch your videos they are displayed from top to bottom (most recent to the least recent.) When i click PLAY ALL on your recent videos right now it plays the 5th game first, spoiling the rest. It is only slightly annoying. Love the uploads though, PLEASE keep them coming, love the commentary.

  5. MrEricThomason says:

    Basically the way the races were designed. An army of Zerg forces are generally inferior to an equal army supply of Protoss or Terran forces. So Zerg needs to have a slightly bigger army to win a battle against another race, and they need an extra base to fund that army.
    To balance that, creep makes Zerg the best race at holding on to extra bases and the larva mechanic makes Zerg the best race at quickly making reinforcements after a battle.

  6. MisterGrittle says:

    Wouldve been a great time for Hellbats

  7. RokushoKiRa says:


  8. MyVid2011 says:

    Keep casting HD! Still following your channel!

  9. Larry Roby says:

    I am pretty guilty of this myself. But I am not going to insult someone for something that is my fault.

  10. Kitty Core says:

    Epic tvz… Really awesome

  11. 12ock says:

    medivac dropship overlord carring… should be nerfed …. loading would be 1 at a time

  12. ScottEmerald says:

    Loved the baneling army. <3

  13. ZukranGaming says:

    Why does zerg need to always have an expo up on terran and protoss?

  14. David Nguyen says:

    that was the latest baneling bust i have ever seen, amazing!

  15. TheSaltyAdmiral says:

    So what I learned from this game is that banelings basically have no counter, as long as you ignore the actual army and go for the base instead,
    What are you supposed to do if the enemy suddenly converts 100 lings into banelings, and goes straight for your buildings? Can’t wall it off, and you certainly can’t place your army between them and your base:/
    This was how zerg won both his games…Against fucking mma, then what the hell is an average player gonna do against it?:(

  16. yojasnamja says:

    oh, i see people have already explained that

  17. yojasnamja says:

    in the beginning they’re saying GG in Korean. First letter is the “J” sound and the second letter is the “E” sound. “Jee Jee”

  18. Donaldo Diaz says:

    Fuck yeah, I love me aggressive Zerg players!

  19. tallinus says:

    too much randomness

  20. bboykenex says:

    that was fucking awesome

  21. stiltsdyn says:

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  22. Kid Muon says:

    Wow not gonna lie that looked to me like the very definition of “The Swarm”.

  23. Johnwoo CHOI says:

    lo. gg what a play

  24. strikedizzle says:

    Ur DUMB!

  25. cactus4728 says:

    지지 is pronounced as “gee gee” , so they’re saying “gg”

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