20 comments on “Hendricks’ Elbow Injury, GSP Talks PED Testing & More on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    I wonder if GSP will turn out to be the Lance Armstrong of mma. He said so
    himself how easy it is to cheat the test lol.

  2. War Child says:

    This is THE show I go to first for fight news and opinions.
    You always just get the news and the facts with the opinions and analysis
    often spot on, but Robin always makes the show for me, as he seems to just
    put that little extra exclamation point onto many topics that make people
    think a bit more ‘outside’ the obvious.
    Great show guys, keep on it and telling it like it is (even if Robin is the
    one mainly doing that bit!).
    Is it me, or does that new table need a zip code?!?!?

  3. GRIFF says:

    I like robin’s analysis but wtf is up w/ that shirt..

  4. Bornin Arkham says:

    Great job Robin! I do miss the banter tho. Bring in Wai for the next one.

  5. Petri Rendi says:

    Glad to see Robin leading the show, it was about time. Nice funny
    additional comments along the news to make them more interesting instead of
    just blow out facts. Great work Robin, best in the business 

  6. MrWackywilson says:

    and ps having watched a lot of Rousey lately on TUF and in the ring, and I
    cannot stand her, she is awful. much prefer Tate! I hope someone knocks her
    arrogance right off her asap

  7. Roman S says:

    Robin should take over the show, seriously

  8. Joseph Davis says:

    Sweet shirt bro 

  9. Stiffonda Reefah says:

    Johnny Hendricks is a bad ass!

  10. Bruce Willis says:

    Anyone else surprised/disappointed that Hendricks lay on Lawler at the end
    to secure the win, instead of seeing the fight to the finish in the style
    they had been swinging for 4 1/2 rounds? 

  11. MrWackywilson says:

    holy mother, I dont know about that shirt Robin LoL! ITS ALL A BIT SEXY
    MAN ha ha, good little info show tho! u da man!

  12. marcuelcajon says:

    YYYESSSS! Finally Holly will get that big screen attention that she
    deserves. Holly vs Cat Zingano would be sick!!

  13. olibboy1 says:

    That T shirt tho #camp

  14. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    Robin Black is one of the best MMA analysts around. Insightful and
    intelligent. Great job

  15. SUNSPYtm says:

    30yr old ALVES 😉 not Silva

  16. Awesome McAwesome says:

    Who cares what Rob is wearing… Great job as always.

  17. EM Thiele says:

    Hendricks is a liar and a hypocrite. He is bad for the sport

  18. lakeeffectmusicable says:

    Though we all love insider scoupes the fighters offer, its classless to win
    the fight and then downplay Robbie Lawlers performance by saying you had an
    injury. You won the fight bro, now youre just kind of bein a jerk. One of
    the reasons i just dont like Johnny as the champ. Beast of a fighter and he
    deserves the title and he may reign for a while, but he doesnt have a
    history of good sportsmanship ” ya nahmean”

  19. Max HulkSMASH says:

    Fuck that elbow bullshit.. Robbie is a fucking beast

  20. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Hendricks’ Elbow Injury, GSP Talks PED Testing & More
    on MMA Newsmakers: Hendricks’ Elbow Injury, GSP Talks PED Testing & More on
    MMA Newsmakers http://fightnetwork.com – Robin Black gives us the latest in
    MMA including Johny Hendricks claims he almost withdrew… #MMA @fightnet

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