25 comments on “Herb Dean Refs Chinese MMA at RUFF 11: Yang vs WulaliBieke (complete fight)”

  1. MMA H.E.A.T. says:

    MMA H.E.A.T. has proudly sponsored the Main Event and Fight of the Night
    for RUFF’s last seven shows. The Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation is the
    only government-sanctioned MMA organization allowed to promote fights in
    mainland China.

  2. NinjaWarriorDude says:

    So who won? I would think because of the illegal knee and the opponent was
    unable to continue from it, that he would win due to disqualification? Even
    though I know the green guy was faking it.. lol

  3. Craig Talbert says:


  4. F.Q Wilson says:

    that dude in the green showed a lot of heart and a lot of blood lol. I
    thought Asia MMA had different rules on soccer kicks? Was this fight under
    unified rules?

  5. zosojb says:

    Guy wearing green shorts looks like starving meth head with a touch of
    down’s syndrome 

  6. Jack Roberts says:

    Got to love me some Herb.

    Also Herb Dean – he’s great too

  7. deemorris9000 says:

    I am curious how much top refs like Dean make while being flown around the
    world to referee in all different promotions. 

  8. Ville G says:

    so this fight hmm. what happened? who “won”? please… this is like the
    first tuf series im not gonna watch. gl.

  9. g2performance says:

    Omg their cut man is terrible. They don’t know how to temporary stop the
    bleeding. And they use their bear hands wtf organization is this..

  10. terry o'prey says:

    what? who won did the guy get disqualified

  11. Sergio Velasco says:

    Very explosive! I like he didn’t give up those submission attempts 

  12. Robert Leduc says:

    These dudes are athletic as fuck

  13. TripleBeamRIII says:

    Dude got smashed from beginning to end! Wish they would’ve showed the
    replay of that illegal kick though. Looked like dude milked it when he
    realized it was illegal. 

  14. nestoloco says:

    if I was herb dean I would have asked for at least 1 million to ref this
    non-sense. This fight sucked.

  15. MrQueerification says:

    herb dean must make bank that dude is literally at every major mma event

  16. ranezzie says:

    Green guy never Stood a chance. But it’s a DQ Because of the grounded
    opponent strike

  17. fas bah says:

    good call herb dean

  18. brzica10 says:

    the match making here is questionable, the guy in green got RAG-DOLLED like
    a 12 year old child (and that’s an understatement)… 

  19. Den Zel says:

    Rampage slam!

  20. MrMrking331 says:

    lol ruff is funny as fuck

  21. Harley Quintero says:

    Any real MMA fan is loving this.

  22. ThumbdownMan says:

    No tiger king fu?

  23. David Pickles says:

    Why weren’t these guys on TUF China

  24. Jolli Cowpatch says:

    3:55 dat a slam!

  25. Nathan Hoofnel says:


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