24 comments on “Herb Dean Talks Cain vs JDS Stoppage at UFC 166, Running A Referee School”

  1. darvlaskie says:

    I want to see Herb Dean vs Steve Mazagatti

  2. King Jack says:

    Shut up.

  3. Anam Shah says:

    JDS rely too much on his punches and his overhand right. He forgot that Cain likes to come close to him, where he should utilize his elbows. Where in this third fight he did use elbows but it was a little too late. If JDS were to use his elbows a little bit early in the game then he might have a chance.

  4. rami931000 says:

    Herb Dean is the man

  5. damian farroux says:

    why did herb dean tap cain on the shoulder???? cain did nothing herb dean did not do anything either,Herb says he was still capable of wining the fight kindof hard to win the fight when cain 100% put jds to sleep. jds was completely knocked out!! So mma fighter gets banned from ufc for holding onto a leg lock to long,, and herb dean is looking at a JdS limp , stiff armed on the grouned, doesnt stop the fight?? ONLY REASON WHY HE WOKE UP FROM KO, IS BECUZ CAIN KEPT PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE

  6. Knighthawk830 says:

    it wasn’t luck JDS best skill is that overhand is just that JDS didn’t change much of his game and became to predictable for Cain.

  7. 050thugz says:

    nice interview, got to say him in a very different/more personal way than watching the ufc itself, very nice!

  8. DoctorSnider says:

    Wasn’t lucky it was accurate

  9. SandE says:

    JDS as much as I like Him got a lucky punch in the first fight.

  10. frankwhite2020 says:

    Both of you, shut the fuck up

  11. frankwhite2020 says:

    Both of you, shut the fuck up

  12. DaSolidAce says:

    damn i have a new perspective on that fight Herb Dean is the man

  13. USFCpresident says:

    Lol. He almost stopped it at 7:20

  14. thomas needham says:

    You are stupid. He is the best out there so fuck off racist cunt.

  15. Han-Young Chung says:

    I say Dean 1st, Big John 2nd, Mario Yamazaki 3rd, and Steve Mazzagatti 4th.

  16. Maor Hamagniv says:

    i don’t like how he’s reffing. he get’s too excited when shit goes down’ and ruined a lot of good fights.

  17. kizito mutyaba says:

    herb is black as fuck keeps it real

  18. kizito mutyaba says:

    true babe gotta love the erb

  19. grapevinelover1 says:

    Very Informative…

  20. lewismu90 says:

    Herb a cool guy and a top level ref.

  21. Lechayy says:

    Best mma ref!!

  22. Danny Hecht says:

    mario yamasaki for life <3

  23. Joshua Jimenez says:

    Best ref in MMA, knows how to let the fighter take just enough damage to give him/her a chance to come back. Hearing him break stuff down is tight and now see why he’s the best.

  24. robert allan says:

    it isn’t a coincidence that herb dean is the best referee and the only referee that was also a fighter. herb is the best

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