12 comments on “He’s On One: MMA Fighter With The Weirdest Interview Ever! (Sounds Like A Wrestling Promo)”

  1. Noe Baumann says:

    This guy is wack af honestly like wtf dude? Stop trying to act crazy you
    just made yourself look dumb as shit 

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Whoa you guys, this dude is FOR SURE flyin hiiiigh on something like acid.
    Pay attention to his voice fluctuations, his breathing, and the crazy

  3. Keith Fedrick says:

    Nigga look like one of the DC snipers lol

  4. Danny DePesa says:


  5. Michael Armstrong says:

    Neither people need to wake up… He telling the truth. Two choices HEAVEN
    OR HELL. .

  6. kountaphit says:

    is that Glen from Walking Dead?

  7. Gibberish Gamer says:

    It’s probably fake. 

  8. Skyler Corales says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  9. Drew George says:

    Drugs or insanity…

  10. bmore410 ravensallday says:

    Matt Major

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