20 comments on “High Intensity Interval Training for MMA Fighting”

  1. DjordjePD says:

    I dont thing he could bang her after that training 🙂

  2. Martijn B says:

    I could see why he chose her as personal trainer

  3. Josh Amato says:

    How many calories would 3 sets burn?

  4. gfhfhjgnbvnjghg says:


  5. Entriken133 says:

    Pretty cool. I’ll have to give it a shot!

  6. edenserna14 says:

    Andrew u need to get in shape buddy

  7. SeaofSt0rm says:

    she’s really pretty, and i love how she doesn’t have that obnoxious high-pitched fake pornstar voice, she is very real.

  8. brandyfdb says:

    yay! finally a workout vid! totally gonna try this! ty!

  9. John Hang says:

    Nice! Try a round of insanity! Same high intensity style.

  10. Bobby Clerici says:

    I hate shit like this.
    No doubt it’s a great routine, but again and again, I just can’t keep these drills up.
    I need to engage other activities like calisthenics and swimming or weights and tennis in conjunction with traditional MMA training.
    Just do what works; to each his own so long as it produces results.

  11. SoulTaker1003 says:

    how can u not tell he was trying to be funny

  12. akhan07 says:

    cmon andrew, get in shape! *eats donut*

  13. Varenasey says:

    Burped will be the death of me!

  14. Ron Rhee says:

    Nice! Seems like a great workout, but there doesn’t seem to be much for upper body.

  15. TheRedsn0 says:


  16. TheRedsn0 says:


  17. scarstaromg says:


  18. Darien Harp says:

    she touched your ass on purpose bro.

  19. Kimbo Slice says:

    Ask her to do some high intensity training on ur dick

  20. Julian Pedersen says:

    She’s hot! Andrew, did you bang her after the training? 😛

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