15 comments on “Highlights from Bellator MMA Summer Series 2013 – from New Mexico”

  1. SundiMundi says:

    Ben Askren’s wrestling is insane. He moves in strange ways and understands weight control like very few MMA Wrestlers do. It’s actually very entertaining to study his control and try to emulate it. I don’t fight, but I use his moves in the bedroom and always get the W.

  2. fmg92jr says:

    Hugging and tapping people on the head with punches is not a fight, it’s a hump fest.

  3. fmg92jr says:

    Ben will never be in the UFC. If he did make it he’d get submitted or knocked out. Hector didn’t have luck neither would he. He is the most boring wrestler. He said he doesn’t like bonuses for good fights or finishing fights, but that’s only because he’d never win an of the night bonus. He just needs to stick with wrestling and get the hell out of MMA.

  4. Clymax01 says:

    100k ppv buys 250k if they lie

  5. Vlado V says:

    Ben aksren faggot

  6. AJDEFIXION says:

    great event

  7. jtmagicman25 says:

    I still think GSP would out wrestle and destroy assclown, I mean askren.

  8. NJkahtava says:

    2006 called they want their ppv headliners back

  9. Daniboy0202 says:

    @theRealsep: i fucking agree with you Askren is a fucking ugly ass pussy who’s arrogant and disrespectfull and doesn’t deserve a damn shit i just can’t stand that motherfucker

  10. Daniboy0202 says:

    I hope that someone knocks Askren’s ugly ass out i just can’t stand his arrogant and cocky atitude fuck him man

  11. theRealSep says:

    ben is a bitch not a real champion

  12. GuidesAndTipsForYou says:

    Chandler is a animal!!

  13. Cyberplex says:

    Was a great night of fights.

  14. klakasik says:

    Rampage by heart attack

  15. Santana105 says:

    Nice video title gentlemen

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