25 comments on “History of MMA: Bas Rutten”

  1. yolenin1 says:

    viva het nederlands!

  2. purpleprinc3 says:

    I hope he won’t mind if I called him ‘Boss’ because that’s what he is!

  3. Doon Poon says:

    This guy is a true inspiration…A true bottom to the top story..

  4. JPeezey says:

    +1 if you can appreciate a full tank of gas

  5. ThePhatWabbit says:

    he has an amazing sense of humor

  6. jplb96 says:

    He is an inspiration for any aspiring MMartist.

  7. slavomir tomasko says:

    very good

  8. Morgan Rhys Hill says:

    Bas is ALWAYS smiling lol…. awesome guy!

  9. Victor Alp says:

    Ass rutten …aha

  10. adventchild5150 says:

    God bless you bas, congratulations on your success and thanks for taking
    time for the fans. You are such an inspiration!

  11. e flood says:

    Bas looks like Soda Popinski

  12. Carlos Danger says:

    “DRY! HOAHAHAHA!” Hahaha I love this man

  13. malik mccullough says:

    I like this guy sound pretty cool

  14. UDT116 says:

    The alcamest?

  15. Sycothic Wulf says:

    Looks weird with hair tho

  16. ngveantat says:

    ahhhh twisting!

  17. steavin stoffers says:

    Holy crap, this guy played in here comes the boom, hes a real UFC fighter

  18. Mario Gutierrez says:

    Bas is class!

  19. colin stalker says:

    Total legend!!!

  20. Bulgarian Lion says:

    A great guy !!!

  21. Dimebag Darrell Shreads says:

    Well calling my new dog #Bas . 

  22. J King says:

    My hero.

  23. bascilus says:

    very inspirational

  24. vaaaaagzootjuh says:

    He pronounces his last name wrong…

  25. Cloud9Kennels says:


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