23 comments on “History of Women’s MMA”

  1. MetalTampon says:

    She is the UFC champion without ever fighting in the UFC. That doesn’t make sense. Ronda herself has said she doesn’t feel like the UFC champ. You’re a dick-head 🙂

  2. BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

    she held Strikeforce belt hasn’t she?division is carried over into UFC so why shouldn’t she have belt carried over too?what’s such big deal about it?creating controversy over nothing,lol.

  3. MetalTampon says:

    I honestly don’t understand why Dana created a paper champion. He should have created a tournament to crown a champion, which of course Rousey would probably win, but the “hey here’s your belt even if you haven’t fought yet” thing feels weird.

  4. spiroscharalambous91 says:

    Song: Manchester orchestra-Virgin

  5. Lokuendero Steele says:

    What’s the name song

  6. Dave P says:

    I don’t care if this fight is in the UFC, Carano/Cyborg was the biggest fight in women’s MMA and still will be after this one.

  7. 806made1 says:

    this is not even close to the history of womens mma..just cause they bring up Gina they can call it history..?WTF…not even close

  8. MonkeyPooDonkey says:

    women heavywiehgt

  9. MonkeyPooDonkey says:

    wwe is aweoms

  10. UFCfan4lif3 says:

    if were talking just p4p best female fighter. Lucia Rijker is hands down the greatest fighter to ever live in my opinion.

  11. Ryan Bruno says:

    I think Rousey vs Carmouche could be fight of the night. Should be a great fight.

  12. Asilvabest says:

    let’s see who can make a better sandwich.

  13. boymonkeyevil says:

    uhmm invicta has had some world class fights for years

  14. theone031 says:

    It all started in the kitchen!

  15. t3ddy94 says:

    Ronda Rousey! <3

  16. J Romeo says:

    GINA will always be the hottest chick to compete on MMA. Hope she comes back and enter the UFC.

  17. Jbrahams45 says:

    haha nothing about Cyborg in there, not surprised.

  18. Slapchop21 says:

    yeah the 3 things i love most: fuck ,women and mma you got it brother!

  19. zombiewhale says:

    cris cyborg is what hold back women mma thank god she left

  20. BoyDanny93 says:

    I agree, but u probably wont get a lot of likes for it cause that statement is overuse now, just sayin.

  21. Ryan Robinson says:

    History of Women’s MMA? This isn’t any sort of history. It’s actually probably pretty insulting to every other women’s mma fighter other than Gina Carano, Ronda and Liz. Possibly even to them also.

  22. BrandonTheCommando says:

    Go Liz

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