25 comments on “How Can I Convince My Parents To Let me Do MMA?”

  1. sc menace says:

    Your gay shane

  2. Mat Broomfield says:

    You miss out one vital piece of information- there is scientific evidence
    to show that EVERY time you get hit in the head, it results in PERMANENT
    brain trauma. Your parents are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT not to allow you to do MMA.
    However, if you are determined, then find a gym where little kids are NEVER
    allowed to punch each other in the head. Anything else is not ethical.

  3. Veekz says:

    Shane dude i have to say this again, you’re the best!

  4. Tudou Haxball says:

    Thanks Shane btw i have a Question about a video u made a while back

    With the black tea stuff Can i mix it with some milk and how much time b4
    the gym do u drink it?
    Oh and also:

  5. david Sprink says:

    Hey when 2 or 3 people hit me or fight with me how i can win this? 

  6. Thenolastname says:

    Hi Shane ! I would like to know if there’s a way to make a ‘ homemade heavy
    bag ‘ or any kind of punching/kicking tool with a small size, since heavy
    bags are often very expensive and need lots of place/somewhere to hang them
    up. I also thought about a reflex bag, but they look like they are made for
    punches, not kicks… :/

  7. Josafat Nava Vázquez says:

    I like the way that you put your hands together Shane.
    That looks fancy 

  8. J Junior says:

    It´s easier just to ask yout parent to join a traditional martial art like
    judô, jiu jitsu, karate, taekwondo, and then when they see that´s safe to
    you to pratice martial arts, you ask to move to mma.

  9. Rayz says:

    I fought and could not
    Take punches to stomach..I apart vomited he’s also too fast
    How do I block punches that I coming to the stomach 

  10. Ashton Thomas says:

    For some time after and in a fight I don’t feel pain I’m black belt in tai
    chi jujitsu judo karate can some one tell me why 

  11. Dancer Street says:

    Soccer is full of fake injuries though… JK

  12. Rada says:

    Hey Shane can you check out my street boxing video on my channel and
    critique my fighting? I want to get better real soon because I plan on
    stopping this bully in school >.<

  13. Smelly Assassin says:

    Mum still won’t let me but I’ll keep training to you’re videos 

  14. Gabriel Torres says:

    The things i learned most from my old MMA classes is discipline and respect
    for my elders. 

  15. PandaCraft says:

    My mom only understands spanish but i still dont get my mom. She lets me
    enlist in the Marine Corps and be Infantry but she wont let me do mma… 

  16. AMVhuntingSyndrom says:

    Has someone read the newest Hajime no Ippo Chapter?
    Holy fuck, poor Ippo. That ending of that fight against Gonzales was so
    terrifing and sad. It really pissed me off -.-
    That was so stupid. I mean IPPO IS THE ONE WHO MAKES ONE-HIT K.O. PUNCHES
    THE WHOLE TIME and then in one of the most important fights he is the one
    who loses because of that? ;____; 

  17. whale mouth says:

    Hey Shane could you start to do some martial arts vids what are easy to
    follow btw I love this Chanel 

  18. Nazmul Kabir says:

    wtf what kind of video of this!

  19. James Moore says:

    Shane is straight

  20. Kieran Duggin says:

    Can you help me get out of arm and head locks.

  21. Mr3picRay says:

    GREAT VIDEO SHANE! AS ALWAYS THANKS! WHAT FOODS would you recommend for me
    to bulk up and increase arm strength for powerful heavy punches?!

  22. Asiif Mortuza says:

    So u woke up from the bed Shane? :D..I just found out u posted it 2 hours

  23. RiseAboveHate2014 ! says:

    MMA is fake

    John Cena would use his boxing like wrestling style to woop your ass

  24. Bilbo Swaggins says:


  25. dotter w says:

    What do I do if there is more than one opponent? 

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