24 comments on “How MMA Will Become Legal in New York”

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  3. ProfessionalAsian1 says:

    Chael vs them all

  4. ProfessionalAsian1 says:

    Bro Do U Even Lift?

  5. islamiscrap8888 says:

    How to make MMA legal in New York… end New York! Those fuckers are banning everything!

  6. juanndee68 . says:

    Its the Vegas culinary union.

  7. RossMccartan1 says:

    The ghost of john gotti wins via peruvian neck tie

  8. jcalderone22 says:

    fuck you Randy Gordon

  9. NinjaKiller999 says:

    damn im a big mma fan and i watch lots of videos and you 2 always comment lol

  10. TheGumballScrub says:


  11. superheaton says:

    how egg will become a fried egg in kitchen

  12. wstintimelikeitsfree says:

    I am!! but today is my strength training day….I am lifting weights ….as well as body weight exercises…dips, pushups, pullups, australian pullups, etc. it is important to be strong as well!

  13. Michael Zand says:

    News York mafia families vs Las Vegas mafia famies

  14. IceMakerGray1 says:

    Why u not training UFC son?

  15. Michael Zand says:

    They wants bribes aka lobby money

  16. Michael Zand says:

    NY politicians are making a fool out of themselves. You should be ashamed!

  17. buktomsin says:

    great news

  18. wstintimelikeitsfree says:

    don’t talk about my girl like that!!!!!!!

  19. josh1212121 says:

    forget all this talking to legislators bullshit. the ufc needs to talk to obama himself about this. he can put mma in newyork with a snap of his finger!

  20. robin hood says:

    maybe your fake bitch girlfriend frawn.

  21. wstintimelikeitsfree says:


  22. wstintimelikeitsfree says:


  23. Ian Way says:

    I know nothing about these guys but they look crooked as fuck to me…

  24. C.B. Lawless says:

    …By a horse.

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