25 comments on “How NOT to Punch in Boxing/Muay Thai/MMA”

  1. Mat Broomfield says:

    I’m not a boxer Shane – can you please explain the value of circling the
    hands like that?

  2. Eric Cartman says:

    Shane i AM practicing muay thai for about 1 year, but most of the time i’m
    just boxing (my kicks really suck). My question is: should i continue on
    muay thai or should i exchange for boxing? I AM really good at boxing By
    the way, and Also a big fan of mayweather. I would really appreciate if you
    answer me ;)

  3. IHACKER316 says:

    Brilliant video – Love the small detail but it’s really powerful

  4. Michael Matta says:

    I always thought the second job was better because you’re putting more
    snap/power into it. God dammit Shane 

  5. Alex Ngo says:

    Lmao can’t take u seriously with dreadlocks

  6. Christian Burch says:

    Shane I have a question, my brother in law is getting bullied and the
    teachers and principal’s won’t do anything, he wants me to deal with the
    kid, what should I do? Please respond.

  7. Rashaun Reyes says:

    Wouldn’t the second jab be much more powerful since your fist is pushing in
    a straight line, while the first jab travels downward since your fist
    begins from a higher position?

  8. Thomas James McBride says:

    first ?

  9. Joshua Coombs says:

    Shane I am a lover of all different fighting styles but I always have a
    problem getting tired , what is the best way to stop getting tired during a
    fight ?? 

  10. Jooe B says:

    never had trouble with that one but most beginner and in general mistake
    and I catch myself doing all the time is leaning into the punch which is
    what I thought you did wrong in the second jab.

  11. NecKClippA says:

    Good tip!

  12. Luka Mitrovic says:

    What people do is they move their upper body towards the enemy.

  13. K Gula says:

    at the wrong punch….you also move down the shoulder…everybody is gonna
    see you are gonna throw a punch and they can avoided

  14. MuliBoy says:

    Great advice! Any chance you can give us a guide for kicking combos? I
    loved the boxing combo video you did!

  15. iabarab55555 says:

    Loved the video. I would’ve never noticed these slight differences.
    Something to fix rite

  16. Bush Ninja says:

    If they can hit me in that gap, it probably isn’t going to be that hard.
    You’re going to need more than that if you’re going to convince me. It
    seems to me that the little drop creates elastic force. The harder I bring
    it down, the more resistance to bring it forward, the more momentum I can
    put forward with my legs. That momentum is still usable after the punch is
    thrown to throw something with the other hand. Am I thinking about this all
    wrong? It seems pretty straight forward to me, but what do I know? I’m
    willing to take a few weak hits if that lead straight is landing

  17. fightTIPS says:

    Are you making this mistake when you #punch? This separates GREAT fighters
    from average boxers. #boxing #MMA

  18. Rashaun Reyes says:

    Wouldn’t the second jab be much more powerful since your fist is pushing in
    a straight line, while the first jab travels downward since your fist
    begins from a higher position?

  19. Asad Khan says:

    Nice tip

  20. EliteDemolisher M.E.G.D says:

    so lets just say i’m in a fight and i get really tired, how do i distract
    them so i can throw a punch and probably knock them out?? I want to know so
    i can practice it, because if i actually get in a fight and i get tired i
    can do the (distract the person) punch, and yes its for self defence and
    you might not know you might be tired and the person is gonna beat you.
    Just incase it might happen.

  21. Corey Stafford says:

    I see Floyd Mayweather capitalize off this all the time. Someone throws a
    lazy jab and he either hits them with a counter straight right or shoots
    his jab in when they lower that jab side hand.

  22. Andrew Turturro says:

    at first i thought the mistake you leaning forward :P

  23. RookWolfie19XX REXTAR says:

    +fightTIPS If i’m the weaker person facing a stronger person how can i

  24. Rada says:

    I swear thats how benson henderson jab is lol… 

  25. Justin Madison says:

    Wow, nice Shane. I didn’t catch it. This is one of those little thing that
    separates the good fighters from great fighters.

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