25 comments on “How To Be A MMA Fighter”

  1. Kacper Kopeć says:

    Epic like always :D

  2. 701468392523816070046289411368222507496286869371438642749038614J says:

    Dude, I’ve mastered the Roy Nelson like, long ago. No one can take me!

  3. MBest11x says:

    Hope you guys enjoy! It’s good to know that I will have the best fighters
    in the world wanting to beat me up now. #YouOnlyDieOnce 

  4. BigdeBuffalo says:

    RLTW!! :D

  5. USMilitaryPower says:

    Haha, great video as usual! BTW, what’s the song name towards the end?

  6. Señor Jack Goff says:

    Hey Matt, are you back in socal or are you still living in Atlanta? The
    beach in this video looks like Santa Barbara. 

  7. Konrad Zell says:

    Fun fact: Venikov was the first non-officer and non-NCO to win Best Ranger.

  8. Mark Reid says:

    Pissed myself laughing. 

  9. Ian Garcia says:


  10. destroyka777 says:

    Shit, this has got to be the funniest one you’ve done yet! Loved the epic

  11. ProBeans says:

    ahahaha the PT Belt shit made me laugh hard!! hahaha

  12. Boat says:

    Yeah, but where can you get a nicely priced bottle of anti-tickle today in
    this kind of economy?

  13. Lorde Farquad says:

    Viper semen HAHAHAHAHAH :D

  14. Anonymous-secret says:

    Loved it!

  15. Ethan Jacob says:

    Nice video man, lmfao

  16. bailey04ful says:

    This vid, very funny keep it up guys love it. 

  17. KaskadeHD says:


  18. Daniel Yusto says:

    Fucking priceless :D

  19. Joe Galofaro says:

    got some serious fuckin balls to drink that shit hahaha, MURICA!

  20. Michael 88 says:

    So jealous of mat best. Where do the rest of us vets sign up for this

  21. Star Lord Groupie says:

    The power of the good ol PT belt. 

  22. RickyRecon says:

    lol PT belt harness

  23. ShooterMedic says:

    That chick is WAY cuter than that Ranger Roxy shit.

  24. Kevin32001 says:

    Lmfao, wow.

  25. Fasullo Daniel says:

    Ya know, i’ve always found this channels videos interesting but needing a
    little more. However, this is truly the first video I’ve actually laughed
    at. These videos are getting better and better…. great fucking job!
    19K…. suck it

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